Musical styles, or genres, are categories which contain music that has certain elements in common. Some genres, such as Indian music, are geographically defined; others, like Baroque music, are largely defined by chronology, or their historical context. Still others, such as Barbershop, are defined by quite precise technical requirements. Sites listed here address several different genres, or styles, of music. Sites focusing on one particular type of music are located within the appropriate sub-categories.

Sites are appropriate for, and of interest to, children under the age of 18. All sites are either educational, reference oriented, or informational in nature.

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Music Genre Sampler @ DataDragon
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Learn about different musical genres including rock, Celtic, and classical. Includes information about artist and site links.
Wikipedia: Musical Genre
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Brief explanation of the way styles can be defined by region, chronology, technical requirements, marketing trends, or the ideas of critics. Extensively linked to sub-genres and examples of significant artists.
[Accordian Mozilla]
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