Instruments which are designed to produce noise when they are struck. Many such instruments use a stretched membrane (membranophones) to create sound while others use the object itself (idiophones). Drums such as timpani, congas, and djembe as well cymbals and gongs, and some melodic instruments such as the marimba, chimes and bells are listed here.

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Bongo Mania
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Contains information about bongo drums, including instructions, history, photos, and reviews.
Build the World's Cheapest Drumset
[ Teens ] Directions for building a drum set from cardboard boxes and lumber scraps.
Jeff Mann Drums
[ Mature Teens ] Hands-on percussion experiences that engage participants with the creative learning process. Interactive drumming workshops, residencies, and performances for schools, groups, and organizations.
Liewil's Djembe Pages
[ Mature Teens ] History of the djembe and the traditional rhythms, CD reviews, book reviews, maintenance tips and photo's taken at concerts.
Mexican Maracas
[ Kids ] Instructions for making a simple paper mache maraca.
Percussion and Drum Stuff
[ Mature Teens ] Drumline sheet music, humor, videos, tools and resources.
Percussion Instruments
[ Kids/Teens ] Description of the historical significance of the xylophone, marimba, and hammered dulcimer.
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Provides vibraphone information, lists of famous vibists, a FAQ, and a message board.
[Mozilla Hornplayer]
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