The word 'classical' really has two meanings: firstly, it is used when music is described as belonging to one of two broad categories, for example 'pop' and 'classical'. However, when it is written with a capital 'C', it refers to the short period of time between approximately 1750 and 1820. The Symphony Orchestra, as we know it, was developed during the Classical period. The piano was also invented and this instrument eventually took over from the harpsichord. The violin, viola and cello were frequently combined to form string quartets. From about 1830, composers began to compose in a more imaginative, emotional way. These works are said to be in the 'Romantic' style. The Romantic composers were inspired by things such as dreams, literature and the supernatural. As more instruments were developed, the orchestra grew much bigger throughout the century. Instruments now included the piccolo, cor anglais, bass clarinet, trombone, tuba and double bass. Sites in this category cover instruments used in music written in the classical tradition from approximately 1750 onwards. This includes instruments used in the Classical and Romantic periods, as well as in 'classical' music from the twentieth century to the present.

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Pay the Piper
[ Teens ] Information and advice about a wide range of orchestral instruments, including how much they cost, taking exams and finding opportunities to play.
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