General purpose, personal webpages designed to educate ohers about raising poultry.

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Amaral Farms
A blog about their hobby farm. They are raising sheep, chickens, ducks and rabbits.
Australian Poultry Forum
A.P.F is dedicated to promoting and preserving backyard poultry keeping throughout Australia and NZ.
The Backyard Chicken Farmer
An informational guide to raising chickens in your backyard and homesteading in small spaces. Chickens, gardens, food preservation, recipes and homesteading.
BackYard Chickens
Large amount of information on building coops, health care, husbandry, forums and photos.
Backyard Chickens
A forum for poultry keepers of all ages.
Backyard Poultry
This site is dedicated to promoting and preserving backyard poultry keeping throughout Australia and New Zealand
The Beginner's Guide to Raising Quail
Information, articles and forum on raising quail. From incubating, brooding and coops to management of the quail farm.
Blue Star Ranch
They offer cage free poultry.
Broederey de WeydeGansch
Information about keeping American buff and tufted buff geese as a hobby in The Netherlands.
Button Quail
Includes housing, feeding, care, incubation, message board, and links.
Chartley Chucks Poultry
Poultry breeders, suppliers to homes and schools. Also provide information for beginners on how to keep chickens.
Chicken Creek
Hobby breeder of chicken breeds in mid-Tennessee.
Chicken Crossing
Photos and general information on care, housing, coop design, feed.
Chicken Fever
A poultry forum to share chicken related stories and get help and ideas from other chicken breeders.
Chickens, Ducks & Other Poultry
About backyard garden and allotment based keeping of poultry, especially laying hens.
The Coop
Resource on raising, breeding, and showing poultry. Links, original articles, photos, an international directory of poultry people and clubs on the internet, and a discussion forum.
Breeders of traditional utility poultry on organic smallholding in the West of Ireland.
Dragonflies and Dandelons
A library of links and articles, collated mainly from veterinary and poultry science/university sources
Ducks in Belgium
Belgium hobbyist raising ducks and chickens. Includes photographs of breeding facilities and pond construction, illness symptoms, and links.
The Feather Site : Poultry Page
An on-line zoological garden of domestic poultry, including photos and information about various breeds of fowl, such as chickens, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, peafowl, pigeons, and turkeys. Various wildfowl are also included.
Feathered Obsessions
Provides information on the care of Chinese blue breasted quail and other other types of poultry including pheasants, ducks and chickens. Eggs and birds sometimes available.
Footscray & District Poultry Club
Their club is a not-for-profit community group consisting of members all with a common interest in poultry.
Fowl Visions
Sharing experiences and fun of raising chickens and backyard birding.
GB Poultry
Poultry breeder, author and genes expert Grant Brereton's website. Articles, information and news from the Fancy.
Geese As Pets
Large community of people who keep geese as pets. Includes photos and message board.
Henderson's Chicken Breed Chart
An alphabetical list of more than 60 chicken breeds with comparative information.
Keeping Chickens Newsletter
Keeping chickens tips and info, subscriber coops and photos. Free online magazine with the emphasis on keeping chickens for eggs and as pets.
Keeping Chickens: A Beginners Guide
This beginner's guide to keeping chickens has everything to get started raising chickens. Choosing healthy hens, feeding, housing, what to keep in stock as well as advice on incubation, worming and the dreaded Red Mite.
Kong's Red Jungle Fowl
This site is designed to educate the general public about red jungle fowls. It provides a detailed history of where the breeder's red jungle fowls originated as well as useful information about red jungle fowls in general.
Live Duck Cam
Live photos of pekin and other ducks. Questions and answers giving facts and information about ducks and how to care for them.
Reviews on poultry suppliers, housing, equipment, chicken supplies, raising and keeping backyard chickens.
The New Agrarian: Raising Ducks
David Walbert on the care and feeding of the suburban duck and his experience in raising and living with Campbell ducks. Includes management, housing needs and construction, egg production and use, journal of development including photographs and video, and resources.
Poultry Central
An online community to discuss anything poultry. New Zealand.
The Poultry Forum
Forum run by a small group of enthusiasts / volunteers covering the keeping of chickens, ducks, geese, and other poultry.
The Poultry Guide
This website is a resource for smallholders and home poultry keepers.FAQs and A to Z.
The Poultry Keeper
A website with news and forums for amateur keepers of poultry with friendly chat and advice.
Information and resources on poultry keeping. Features photos of UK standardised breeds of chickens, ducks and geese, vets list, health and disease information, news, breeders directory.
Quails Australia
Online community for people with an interest in quails, breeders and farmers. Sell or buy all quail related products. Articles, discussion board and gallery.
A site about keeping chickens - with a humorous twist.
Scratch and Peck
Lauren's flock includes a special-needs hen named Lucy, a fixer-upper chicken named Pigeon, and Marky the Terrier.
Stone Cottage Farm
Farm that focuses mostly on poultry such as turkeys, ducks, chickens and geese.
Success With Poultry
Information on raising chickens for the beginning chicken keeper.
WA Poultry Trader
A friendly West Australian forum for the poultry enthusiast.

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