Weblogs of individuals (not businesses) covering personal life as related to managing money, planning for retirement, etc.

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AL6400 Blog
Thoughts and insights revolving around issues dealing with business, making money and financial management.
A personal finance weblog discussing a wide range of topics.
APR Finder
A personal finance weblog that provides financial calculators and offers advice on mortgages, credit cards, banking, auto loans and debt management.
Ask Uncle Bill
Frank financial advice about managing money and living.
Automatic Finances
This blog claims to offer a step-by-step process for completely automating your personal finances, from saving and investing to budgeting and paying bills.
Balance Junkie
A blog dealing with the topics of money management, investing and life balance. Helping visitors to balance everything from their money and career to parenting and health.
A weblog about personal finance that includes tools to compare prices and interest rates between different options in credit cards, savings accounts and certificates of deposit.
A personal finance blog focused on frugal living and getting out of debt.
Bible Money Matters
Christian personal finance blog; Topics including investing, retirement, budgeting, debt elimination, saving, frugality, thrift, debt, and lots more!
Blogging Away Debt
Personal weblog about the path to becoming debt free.
Budgets Are Sexy
A personal finance blog trying to spice things up a bit! Great personal stories as well as practical advice.
Cash Money Life
A personal finance and career journal with tips for saving money, investing, and improving one's education and career.
Christian Personal Finance
Personal finance website and blog focusing on money management using timeless Biblical principles.
Consumerism Commentary
A blog about personal finance.
The Digerati Life
A personal finance blog that covers many topics.
The Dough Roller
A personal finance and investing site that educates consumers on how to manage their money more effectively.
Earth and Money
A Canadian blog discussing the relation of personal finance and living a sustainable, low environmental impact lifestyle.
Everybody Loves Your Money
Personal finance discussions, news, humor and information.
Faith and Finance
A financial blog that provides a Biblical perspective for personal, business, and church finances.
Finance For Youth
Personal finance strategies targeted towards young adults and teens.
Free From Broke
A personal finance blog that regular folks can understand. Helping people better understand their finances, credit, debt, the economy.
Frugal Confessions
A personal finance blog that offers experiences, tips, and ideas to live the frugal decandent life. Save money, experience life, and share your frugal confessions with a like-minded community.
Frugal Living Blog
Real world personal examples of frugal meals, ideas and strategies.
Generation X Finance
A personal finance blog helping people earn more, spend less, and retire early.
Get Rich Slowly
Weblog covers frugality, saving and investing, and other aspects of money management.
Good Financial Cents
Helping make sense of personal finance, investing, and financial planning from an expert in the industry (CFP).
I Will Teach You To Be Rich
A blog on personal finance and entrepreneurship.
Investor Junkie
Blog describing ways to invest and build long-term wealth.
Man Vs. Debt
Changing your lifestyle and outlook is the true key to getting a grip on your personal finances. See how one man sold his stuff, is paying off his debt, and is now doing what he loves and how you can too.
Million Dollar Journey
A weblog by an anonymous man documenting his journey to becoming a millionaire. The author explains how he manages his financial portfolio and what he does to grow his net worth.
Money Help For Christians
A personal blog from a former missionary that talks about finance from Christian perspective.
Comprehensive articles that help readers understand personal finance, investing, and wealth building.
More With Less Today
A blog with money saving tips and coupons.
My Dollar Plan
With a focus on retirement planning, financial goals and budgeting you’ll find information on a variety of finance topics based around personal experience.
My Free Cash
Dedicated to promoting financial responsibility. Provides articles, tips and tricks for saving money, earning income online, and making prudent fiscal choices in day-to-day life.
My Money Blog
Chronicles author's journey and his goal of becoming a millionaire.
Narrow Bridge Finance
Dedicated to helping people organize and simplify their financial life to save time, money, and headache.
Neville's Financial Blog
Documenting one man's efforts to financial success from the age of 22.
Northern Cheapskate
A blog dedicated to helping you save money through coupons, freebies, and money-saving tips.
Not Made Of Money
A husband and wife weblog about their finances.
One Mom, Five Kids
Stay At Home Mom with 5 kids loves saving money using coupons, rebates, stockpiling and many other money saving tactics.
Out of Debt Again
Chronicling the financial struggles of a family as they strive to make improvements to their financial situation in order to escape from debt, this site provides articles and resources valuable to others in similar situations.
A Penny Saved
A personal finance weblog that talks about saving, spending, investing and wealth a penny at a time.
Pennysaver blog
A blog dedicated to helping people to manage their money wisely by providing suggestions on how to save money, earn money, invest, and budget. The goal is to help people to become financially free.
Personal Dividends
A collaborative weblog with articles on personal finance, money management and lifestyle focusing on the motto "live rich, live well, be informed."
Personal Finance Advice
Weblog about all aspects of personal finance by several contributors with various perspectives.
One man's attempt to accumulate a million dollars by the age of 36 through hard work and diligent personal finance management.
PT Money
A personal finance blog covering topics including savings, debt reduction, investing and making money.
Punch Debt in the Face
This personal finance blog offers humorous advice on monetary issues.
Riches' Corner
A blog that discusses personal finances in the context of entrepreneurship.
Sense to Save
A personal finance blog about common and not-so-common ways to make the most of your money.
Stocks and Cents
The personal blog by an American author who works in the finance industry.
Stupid Cents
A personal finance blog devoted to making sense of seemingly complex yet ultimately simple personal finance dilemmas faced by the average individual or family.
The Sun’s Financial Diary
A personal finance weblog for saving, investing, budgeting, financial planning, and living frugally.
Entertaining personal finance, aimed towards young adults and young professionals with blog posts and videos to help America's youth understand money.
Wise Bread's Top Personal Finance Blog Chart
A ranked list of the top personal finance blogs based on their traffic, social media influence, and link authority.
Young Cheap Living
A personal finance blog covering topics like debt and frugality. The author claims he saves half of his income and describes himself as a "geek about money".
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