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Provides an up-to-date database of mortgage lending guidelines.
AOL Real Estate: Making Homes Affordable
Information about government assistance and other resources for homeowners to make homes affordable.
Decision Aide
Complete set of tools and analysis to determine the optimal way to structure a home loan.
Dept. of Housing and Urban Development
Government agency oversees home mortgage lending practices.
Home Buyer's Information Center
Presents a consumer guide to choosing a mortgage.
The Housing Bubble Blog
Author Ben Jones examines the home price boom and its effect on owners, lenders, regulators, realtors and the economy as a whole. Entries typically cover a specific region of the United States and are commentary on published news from that area.
HUD Loans
Information about loans from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development any buying homes with a low down payment.
HUD On Your Side: Buying A Home
Various topics are covered from settlement costs to buying land and new construction. Department of Housing and Urban Development.
Making Home Affordable.Gov
Information about refinancing and loan modification options available under the Home Affordable Refinance Program.
Mortgage for Beginners
Information on fixed and adjustable rate mortgages, home equity loans, refinancing, and reverse mortgages. With a glossary and mortgage calculators.
Mortgage Forum
Post questions and receive answers from mortgage professionals.
Mortgage Insider
Mortgage articles, tutorials, podcasts, and online tests, designed to prepare, educate and protect consumers shopping for home loans written by industry insider, Rob K. Blake. The site also has sections aimed towards real estate professionals and financial advisors.
Mortgage Loans - Information for First Time Buyers
First time borrowers can learn about the financing of a home. Comparative chart displays commonalities and differences between the types of mortgage loans.
Mortgage Professor
Mortgage articles and resources by Wharton Professor and nationally syndicated mortgage columnist Jack M. Guttentag.
The Mortgage Reports
Dan Green blogs about mortgages and related topics.
Mortgage Talk
Offers a mortgage book plus advice on moving.
Mortgage Types
Explanations of the different types of mortgage loans available to homebuyers.
Information on purchasing homes with little or no money down.
Calculators, mortgage market trends, detailed information on various loan programs, articles and publications, a large vocabulary of mortgage terms.
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