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Advantage Credit Counseling Service
Offers non-profit debt management and credit counseling services nationwide.
Alliance Credit Counseling
Non-profit credit counseling organization offers nationwide services.
American Consumer Credit Counseling
US national non-profit credit counseling agency offers financial education and debt consolidation.
American Credit Foundation
Organization providing credit counseling and budgeting help.
American Financial Solutions
Non-profit organization offers credit counseling and educational programs.
Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies
Directory of non-profit counseling organizations meeting membership standards.
Big Solutions, Inc.
Accredited debt management and credit counseling organization.
CCCS of Orange County, California
Non-profit counseling agency based in Orange County, California.
Christian Credit Counseling Centers
Houston based organization that accepts secured debt on their plan.
Christian Credit Counseling Service
Non-profit division of Christian Asset Resource Educational Services based in Tulsa, OK.
Clarifi - Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Delaware Valley
Nonprofit offers free financial counseling in 13 local offices, serving Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley.
ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions
National non-profit agency offering credit counseling, debt management and other financial services.
Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, Inc.
Non-profit organization offers debt counseling and financial education services across the USA.
Consumer Credit and Budget Counseling
Non-profit agency offering consumer credit counseling.
Consumer Credit Counseling of Greater Dallas, Inc.
CCCS of Dallas is a non-profit community service helping consumers avoid bankruptcy through education and counseling.
Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Nevada
Non-profit organization offering free credit counseling.
Consumer Credit Counseling Service of New Jersey
New Jersey's oldest non-profit credit counseling agency.
Consumer Credit Counseling Service of San Francisco
Accredited Non-profit firm. Required certification for all staff counselors.
Consumer Education Services Inc.
Accredited non-profit agency featuring certified counselors.
Consumer Financial Education Foundation of America
Accredited (AICCCA) non-profit providing consumer credit counseling and financial education. Based in Alabama
Cook County Consolidation
Accredited Chicago area debt counseling firm.
Credit Advisors Foundation
Services include budget balancing and bill consolidation.
Credit Card Management Services, Inc.
Non-profit debt consolidation and credit counseling organization.
Credit Counseling of Arkansas
Non-profit counseling agency with locations throughout Arkansas.
Credit Counseling of Western PA
Local non-profit that offers money management counseling and educational resources for budget, housing and credit counseling.
CreditGuard of America
Non-profit credit counseling agency based in Boca Raton, Florida.
Debt Counseling Corp. (DCC)
Non-profit organization features credit card consolidation.
Debt Reduction Services
Debt management assistance with locations throughout the US.
Debt Wave Credit Counseling
Offers non-profit credit counseling and management services.
Delray Credit Counseling
Company assists consumers with budget planning and credit counseling.
Family Credit Management
Licensed credit counseling and debt consolidation agency.
Family Financial Education Foundation (FFEF)
Non profit based in Wyoming doing credit counseling
Genesis Financial Management
Non-profit credit counseling agency open 7 days a week.
Get Out of Debt Guy
Steve Rhode provides help and free guides for difficult financial problems.
GreenPath Debt Solutions
Servicing AR, IL, MI, NY, WI and NJ.
Guidewell Financial Solutions
Offers community education, budget counseling and debt repayment programs. Baltimore, Maryland.
InCharge Debt Solutions
Nationwide debt management and credit counseling services.
IPayDebt Financial Services
Offers to negotiate lower interest rates and smaller monthly payments.
Money Management International
A full-service credit counseling service agency.
Non-profit organization helping individuals and families become financially independent by paying off debt and learning financial management strategies.
The National Foundation for Credit Counseling
Non-profit agency offering consumer education.
Navicore Solutions
Organization provides credit counseling, housing counseling, budgeting, and financial education to consumers in need.
Pioneer Credit and Debt Consolidation
Bonded, non-profit credit counseling company offering a debt management program nationwide.
Springboard Credit Counseling
Non-profit consumer credit & debt management organization.
Take Charge America
Provides credit counseling, debt management and personal financing for consumers.
Trinity Debt Management
Ohio based, non-profit counseling agency offering services nationwide.
U.S. Trustee Program/Dept. of Justice - Credit Counseling Search
Credit counseling agencies approved by DOJ for pre bankruptcy counseling.
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