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This category is intended for advice oriented listings. Sites added to this category will be those that provide advice on improving home energy efficiency. This category does not include sites which sell goods and services online (Shopping: Home and Garden), sites for businesses that design or manufacture products (Business: Industries: Construction and Maintenance), or sites offering advice for purchasing decisions (Home: Consumer Information).

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Appliance Standards Awareness Project
Report on the latest improvements that increase efficiency in appliances. Current lobbying efforts to enact more efficient standards for central air conditioners, clothes washers, fluorescent ballasts and water heaters.
Building Technologies Office
U.S. Department of Energy portal to technical resources supporting the construction of energy- and resource-efficient homes.
Dulley House Insulation Guide
Where to insulate and what materials to use. Calculate R-values for walls, attics and crawl spaces.
Energy Quest
California Energy Commission's energy and environmental education site for students, parents and teachers. Materials for students from kindergarten through high school. Games, puzzles, science projects on energy and other challenging information.
Energy Star
Created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy to help consumers save money and prevent air pollution. Includes list of qualifying products, contractor selection tips, and contacts for low interest loans for upgrading to high efficiency equipment.
ESP Energy
Energy Saving information on all areas of the home. Including Air Conditioning, heating, insulation, windows, appliances, and lighting
Fine Homebuilding- Energy Efficiency
Articles on fixing a drafty house, understanding windows, and evaporative cooling.
For Your Home - Owens Corning
Everything from new construction to remodeling to insulating projects to efficiency checklist. Personal Project file holds information about different Owens Corning products that can be printed out for purchasing or planning.
Green Building Concepts
Information exchange on resource and energy efficient home building. Product tips, building hints, and newsletter archive.
Home Energy
Magazine of residential conservation. Archive of past issues, subscription form.
The Home Energy Saver
Determine the energy consumption of a home and find ways to reduce it.
Improving Home Energy Efficiency
Information on energy use in typical Florida homes and how the energy efficiency of Florida homes can be best improved. Includes discussion on typical performance, cooling and heating load sources, windows, and ductwork.
Making it Happen
Module to help homeowners capitalize on the energy savings opportunities identified by the Energy Advisor module. No regrets remodeling, no-cost and low-cost measures, installation, financing, and case studies.
Reviews of tools and techniques to live more simply and self-sufficiently. Incorporating these tools and techniques can decrease dependence on petroleum, electricity, gas for heating and cooling, municipal water and sewage utilities.
Northeast Energy Star
Includes energy efficiency tips, online energy savings calculators, dealer locators, and rebate information for Energy Star appliances and lighting.
Ohio Consumers' Counsel: Energy Efficiency
Provides tips on reading electric and gas meters, understanding appliance ratings, and efficient home heating and lighting.
Renters Guide To Saving Energy
Energy and water conservation tips for the home and business.
Residential Energy Conservation
Energy conservation tips on insulation, heating, cooling, appliances, and lighting.
Sage Farm Solar Home
Virtual tour of energy efficient residence that has evolved over 20 years to demonstrate several approaches for capturing and using solar energy.
Southface Energy Institute Fact Sheets
Technical bulletins focused on energy conservation. Everything from sealing ductwork to choosing a system to blower door and duct-blaster testing.
Southwest Energy Efficiency Project
Provides information on what homeowners and consumers can do to cut energy waste in homes, vehicles, and workplaces.
U.S. Energy Information Administration
Provides energy statistics, data, and analysis.

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