Soil is a general term which refers to the earth that plants grow in. Sites which focus on issues and advice regarding soil and additives can be found here. Sites should give information and/or advice about the quality of soil, how to improve soil, the chemical components of soil, or how to measure the amount of soil one needs to fill a specified area. Additives includes a range of topics such as mulch, fertilizer, and compost. Sites that sell or showcase businesses will not be listed here.

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The Adventures of Herman
Information about earth worms.
Beauty of Compost Heaps
How to make, use, and maintain a compost heap.
Brewing Compost Tea
Comprehensive article originally published in Kitchen Gardener Magazine, written by Elaine Ingham.
The Compost Bin
Series of short articles and news about composting, including the basics of piles and tumblers, worm composting, mushroom compost and compost tea.
Compost Junkie
A tribe of compost enthusiasts, advice, and information, including a directory of compost suppliers in North America.
Basic information on turning biological matter into compost.
Composting Council of Canada
An organization with a charter to advocate and advance composting and compost usage.
Cornell Composting
Case studies, manuals, and informational links to composting waste on a household or municipal scale.
How Composting Works
Illustrated tutorial shows what happens when solid waste is composted, and how you can make your own compost.
Offering composting information and links to web resources on a variety of composting topics. Includes a forum.
Master Composter
Build a backyard compost pile, build or buy bins, worm composting, trench composting, and soil incorporation.
Mushroom Compost
Information relating to mushroom compost published by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and the American Mushroom Institute.
Stan Slaughter, Eco-Troubadour
"The Composters" educational program to promote reducing yard waste going into landfills.
U.S. Composting Council
Research, public education, compost standards, expansion of compost markets and the enlistment of public support.
Woods End Research Laboratory, Inc.
Compost analysis kits, biodegradation tests, waste characterization, and some advice for consumers on what to look for in compost products.
Worm Composting
Details the benefits of composting with red wiggler worms.

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