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Plants are a major living part of any garden. This is the area for sites who focus on specific types of tropical and exotic plants. If a site focuses on one specific type of plant, it will be listed in the plant name subcategory. If there is no plant name subcategory, then the site will be listed in the plant type category until there are enough sites to create a new subcategory. Sites that sell plants will not be listed here.

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Another Yard in Fort Pierce
Southern Florida gardener blogs about his plant adventures with orchids, palm trees and other species suited to his climate.
General knowledge about bromeliads, their classifications, growth and care.
Bromeliads Downunder
International conference in Cairns, Australia (June 2008). Information about events and contests, and newsletters.
Croatian gardener offers information about cultivating bougainvilleas. Features a gallery of various cultivars, as well as a selection of other tropical plant species. Site available in English and Croatian.
The Cloudforest Gardener
Offers two forums for amateur growers, one for discussing rare and tropical fruit, the other for growing palms and subtropicals in the US Pacific Northwest.
Cool Tropical Plants
John in the UK shares his experiences and photos growing tropical plants and other exotics. Includes pages on growing canna, ensete, and banana.
Cycad International
Cycad growers and exporters, offering extensive information on the various genuses with images, as well as landscaping suggestions.
Epiphytic Plant Research and Information Center
Information about the foundation, free newsletter and other resources, and an extensive photo gallery.
Farmers Bookshelf
Information system of tropical and other crops in Hawaii.
Heliconia Society International
Aims to increase the enjoyment and understanding of heliconias and related plants, including bananas, gingers, and cannas. Information about membership and events, sample newsletters, and botanical information.
N8ture.com: Ginger
Informational page about this perennial tropical herb, providing history, cultivation and propagation notes, and culinary and medicinal uses.
A cold hardy palm and subtropical forum discussing topics from winter protection to growing techniques. Includes seed exchange and photo gallery.
Phoenix Tropicals
Growing tropical plants in the Arizona desert: tips, photos, cultural information, and personal comments for several categories of tropicals.
Tropical Plants Library Online
Detailed tropical plant photographs, information and care instructions.

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