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Here you will find information on propagating plants for the home garden, either by sexual methods (seeds, spores) and asexual methods (cuttings, divisions). If you are looking for information about propagating a particular plant, check the references here as well as the category for that plant (e.g., the category Home: Gardening: Plants: C: Clematis contains a useful resource for growing clematis from seed). Websites concerned with information on commercial plant production will be found at Science: Agriculture: Horticulture: Propagation and Nursery Practice.

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Australian National Botanic Gardens - Growing ferns from spores
Description of collecting and sowing spores, potting the fonds and includes a drawing of the fern life cycle.
Australian National Botanic Gardens - How to Propagate Australian Plants
Describes the collection and germinations of seeds, propagation by cuttings, safe use of growth hormones and a growing plants glossary with drawings.
Gardenweb: Growing from Seed
Forum for discussion of seed-starting topics by gardeners of all experience levels. Particularly active in winter and spring. FAQ includes many tips from home gardeners on variety of topics.
GardenWeb: Winter Sowing
A forum for discussing all aspects of winter-sowing, the planting of seeds in containers outdoors in winter, for germination in spring. The FAQ includes a detailed explanation of the method.
Gibberellic Acid for Fruit Set and Seed Germination
Gibberellins are potent growth hormones sometimes used to induce germination in recalcitrant seeds. This article by John M. Riley discusses uses and provides some basic recipes.
Gibberellic Acid-3 Information Kit
Background information on using the plant hormone to induce germination, with instructions for two methods, as well as safety information. Also sells kits for the home gardener.
Grow a Pine Tree From Seed
Detailed instructions on the entire process from seed collection and viability testing to sowing and maintenance the seedlings. Primary focus is on Coulter pine.
How to Germinate Seed
Bonsai enthusiast Brent Walston explains the fundamentals of germinating woody species, emphasizing the requirement to break down germination inhibitors.
Jelitto Germination Tips and Tricks
Provides insight on germinating seeds.
Landscape Propagation
Provides instructions on how to reproduce plants including amaryllis, narcissus, daffodils, lilies (by bulb section, scales and seed) and perennials, house plants, roses, vines, trees and shrubs (by root, stem and leaf cuttings).
NC State University - Leaf, Cane and Root Cuttings
Provides descriptions with drawings of leaf with petiole, leaf without petiole, split vein leaf, leaf bud, cane and root cuttings.
NC State University - Stem Cutting
Home gardener instructions for plant propagation by stem cuttings including a table of evergreen plants and deciduous trees by common name and type of cutting.
Ontario Rock Garden Society
The germination guide on this society's site lists requirements for a large number of plants (not just alpines), down to species level.
Orchid Reserve, El Pahuma - Orchids
Describes techniques employed for raising orchids from seedlings and includes a link to download Orchid Propagation Manual.
The Seed Site
Harvesting, sowing, and a germination database of over 1000 plants, images of seeds, seedpods, seedlings, and botanical information.
Society for Growing Australian Plants - Native Plants
Provides simple techniques for plant reproduction from seed, cuttings, grafting and division with particular reference to the propagation of Australian native plants and includes diagrams and photographs.
Starting Plants From Seed
Home gardener describes his method for germinating seeds using moist filter papers and ziplock baggies. Also detailed germination information for many plant species.
The Succulent Plant Page - Succulent Plants
Describes how to take cuttings, make divisions, take offsets and various methods of grafting.
Tom Clothier's Garden Walk and Talk
Most extensive online resource for seed germination information for specific plant species, including indexes for annuals/biennials, perennials, and shrubs/trees. Also general information on seed-starting techniques.
University of Missouri - House Plants
Describes various methods of cuttings, division and layering techniques (with pictures) and a chart of propagation techniques listed by common plant name.
Winter sowing is a method of starting hardy seedlings outside during winter. This site, constructed by one of the method's gurus, documents which seeds are amenable and how to go about it.
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