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Carnivorous plants attract, capture, and consume small creatures (primarily insects) as a means of obtaining nutrients. They generally grow in areas that are warm and humid, but it is possible to grow them indoors too.

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Barry Rice's Carnivorous Plants
Editor of the International Carnivorous Plant Society newsletter. Includes answers to FAQs along with a photo gallery.
Bug Biting Plants: Carnivorous Plant Care Guide
Information on growing venus flytraps, sundews, nepenthes, pitcher plants, cobra lily, and butterworts.
Carnivorous Plant Database
Database containing nomenclature, descriptions, and photos. Archive of messages posted to the carnivorous plant mailing list.
Carnivorous Plant Photo Finder
Contains over 2,500 links to photos of nearly every type of carnivorous plant in the world. Links are organized by genus and species.
Carnivorous Plants Trading Post
Site run by an Ohio amateur grower features an area in which other enthusiasts can post carnivorous plants and seeds for trade, as well as maintain want lists and interact in several forums.
Carnivorous Plants UK
Cultivation and propagation information for several types of carnivorous plants. List of recommended books and a forum for UK growers.
Coastal Carnivores
Includes cultivation techniques, photos, and a tutorial on assembling a terrarium.
GardenWeb: Carnivorous Plants Forum
Deals with the care of all types of carnivorous plants.
Nature's Jewels
Provides instructions for the construction of general, tropical, and cooled terrariums specifically for carnivorous plans.
Nepenthes Around the House
Provides information about growing Nepenthes outdoors without using a greenhouse. Photos show plants from vendors in various phases of growth and how they have adapted to outdoor conditions.
Discussions about several carnivorous plant types along with a trading post for exchanging seeds and plants.
Terry Blackburn's Carnivorous Garden
A journal detailing the construction and maintenance of front yard bog for carnivorous plants
Nicely illustrated information about the various species of Utricularia (bladderworts) and how to care for them.

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