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Plants that have adjusted to the arid and semi-arid regions of the world are known as cacti and succulents. Cacti are defined as members of one plant family and are considered separately, although they are actually succulents. The term Succulent encompasses all other fleshy plants, which stem from a variety of plant families. Both succulents and cacti have developed means of survival that assure their growth in these regions. Their leaves have become smaller and their stems larger in order to store more water; in some, the leaves have disappeared leaving only thickened green stems. In plants where the leaves have not disappeared, the leaves may have become thickened or insulated with coverings of hair, wax or scales.

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Information about culture and species of this succulent family, formerly known as mesembryanthemaceae. Includes photos, botanical classification, and links to other resources.
Au Cactus Francophone
English index of this multilingual cactus Web site.
Cacti and Succulent Discussion Group
Yahoo web/email group dedicated to discussing the cultivation of cacti and other succulent plants.
Cacti grown in India by Clotie and Blaise
Mumbai hobby growers provide information and photos of their astrophytum, lophophora, ariocarpus and other cacti.
The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall
Includes an extensive collection of links to organizations and information, including societies, clubs, nurseries, and literature.
Cactus Art
Shopping site run by enthusiasts. Includes large photo gallery, featuring regular and oddly grafted cacti, a glossary of cactus terms, and an etymological reference.
Cactus Austria
Includes several hundred photos, arranged in thumbnail galleries, taken by an Austrian hobby grower.
Cactus Blog
Weblog from a commercial cactus grower in the San Francisco Bay Area. On-topic and off-topic ramblings, since June 2004.
Cactus Info
Presents care and propagation information, a dictionary, and photo galleries of succulents, including cacti, as well as photo-reports of events and exhibitions.
Cactus Museum
Cactus information and photos.
Personal site of a German hobby cactus grower: how she grows cacti and other succulents in her apartment, as well as photos and information arranged by genus.
A computer database package for storing records on Cacti and other succulent plants, seed raising activities, literature collection and photographs.
Provides agallery of paintings and cactus by Zvone Rovsek.
Choon's Cactus Collection
Personal cactus collection with tips, photos and information on these plants.
Epiphyllums, epicacti, allied cacti and hoyas of New Zealand
Enthusiast gardener shares botanical information, cultivation and propagation tips, and photos of his plants and gardens.
Fabian Vanghele's Hardy Exotics
Collector in Southern Romania describes how he became attracted to hardy cacti, presents a list of species he grows, and a small trade list.
Flickr: Cactus
Extensive gallery of images uploaded by group members, searchable by tags.
Information about the Genus Haworthia from Ingo Breuer. Provides cultivation hints, books, and a gallery. Site available in English and German.
Jan Vandorpe's New Succulent Plant Pages
Photographs of Haworthias, Gasterias, Crassulas, Adromischus and Aloes.
Cactus addict in Greece presents his photo gallery, care tips, and book reviews. [Greek/English]
Kaktus and Nordisk Kaktus Selskab
Henrik Helms Madsen's cactus collection. How to grow the plants. Society information.
Lithops - an Introduction
An introduction to collecting lithops with information about their habitat, evolution, cultivation and points of related interest.
Lithops Study Group
Information about plants called, Lithops, living stones, also provides a study group and joining details.
Enthusiast's weblog describing his trials and tribulations growing primarily small Mexican cacti. Notes and photos on seed-starting, visits to botanical gardens, and battling pests.
Information on several cacti in the genus Lophophora: history, uses, distribution, descriptions, and propagation. Also offers seeds and plants for sale.
Man's Cacti and Succulents
Includes tips on growing, sowing seeds, grafting and hydroculture with numerous thumbnailed images.
Japanese cactus enthusiast displays photos of his many plants, and a few cultural tips.
Paghat's Garden: Succulents
Index to a large number of pages describing individual species of crassula, euphorbia, lewisia, sedum, sempervivum, and others. Each page contains photos and personal observations, and many add background and cultivation information.
The Paradise: Cacti, Bromeliads and Nature in Brazil
Information, photos and news of Brazilian flora and conservation efforts.
Ralph Martin: Cacti and Other Succulents
Professor at Cardiff University presents information about his cactus hobby, with trade lists, photos, links to societies and other web resources, and a field number data service.
Information on plants in the Rhipsalis, Lepismium, Hatiora and Schlumbergera genera, including species lists with photos, cultivation and propagation details, and links to vendors and collections.
Dedicated to houseleeks in the genus sempervivum and its subgenus jovibarba, with lists of species and cultivars, photos, bibliography, and information about distribution. Multilingual site.
The Succulent Plant Page
Offers general information, care and propagation tips, and specialized pages on asclepiads, haworthias, peperomias, and sempervivums. Also information on current events and links to societies.
Succulent Plant Site, The
Succulent encyclopedia, including family and species descriptions, history, pests, bugs, diseases, habitat requirements, and photographs.
Succulent Plants Database
Searchable database of cacti and succulents, with a photo for many species. Search results can be presented in thumbnail form.
Collection of plant profiles, photographs, and cultivation data for cacti and succulents, arranged by family and genus.
Sukkulente Euphorbien
Information about succulent euphorbias. Includes photos, recommendations and how to grow from seed. Site available in English and German.
Tses Home Page
Pictures of cactus and succulent. Recipes for using cactus and cactus fruits.
U4BA: Euphorbia for You
Dutch enthusiasts of succulent Euphorbias present illustrated articles, a photo gallery and list of plants for trade.
Webring: The Cactus Ring
This webring links about a hundred sites on topics of cacti and succulents. Includes both hobby and commercial sites, in several languages.
Winter Hardy Cacti
Weblog with information and photos on growing winter hardy cacti and other frost resistant succulents.
A World of Southern African Succulents & cacti
Information on the succulent society, and a list of books available. Also features a virtual tour, resources and a forum.
Worleys.com: Night Blooming Cereus
Personal page about growing this flowering cactus, with detailed day-by-day photos of flower development.
Yahoo Group: Cacti and Succulent Seeds
Forum for trading cacti and succulent seeds.

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