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Aaron's Home and Garden Guide
Weblog-style short articles with reviews of websites and personal gardening observations.
All the Dirt on Gardening
Martha Stoodley blogs about gardening in all seasons, flowers and seeds, historical notes, and garden travel photos.
Andrew Stenning
Weblog by garden designer and photographer in the UK, featuring artistic plant and insect photography, as well as poetry.
Gardener in Pennsylvania, a transplant from New York City via Dublin, talks about her adventures in rural gardening.
Bookish Gardener
Gardener in USDA zone 5 writes about triumphs and nemeses, garden chores, interspersed with notes about readings and quotations.
Can You Dig It?
Texas gardener's weblog with photos, observations, and other tidbits.
Darren's Hortus
Describes a garden in Minnesota along with a list of the plants that grow there and gardening how-to tips. Emphasis on Ranunculaceae (thalictrum and aconitum). Numerous links to images and other resources.
Digging in the Dirt
Features a sporadically enthusiastic gardener in the pacific Northwest, who documents each entry with a photo of a flower, plant, or other seasonal garden image.
Dirty Nails
Garden on the mountain, with a shack, bathtub garden, and a jumble of other topics, presented with a touch of humor.
Doug Green's Garden
Retired nursery owner blogs about developments in the world of gardening, and writes articles with tips, advice, and reviews.
Flower Blog by Pinky Lavandula
Pinky posts about flowers (in vases and gardens) and plants, including recipes, uses, photos, and opinion.
Garden Djinn
Garden in Michigan shares photos and observations from her garden and her life.
The Garden Pages
Gardener in Southern California shares tips and information about water-wise gardening, with pages on succulents, natives, heirloom vegetables, lavender, and pomegranates.
Garden Rant
Four gardeners from different corners of the USA weblog about their dirt gardening philosophy, with plenty of social commentary.
Garden Spot
Erica's gardening journal. A collection of information and ideas.
The Garden's Gift
One of a series of related weblog-style subsites exploring gardening in Florida, plant tips and gardening information, and sources for plant, seeds, and accessories.
A Gardener's Notebook
Douglas E. Welch gardens in Southern California. His weblog contains information and tips about garden products and activities, and reports of excursions.
Gardening Gone Wild
Four American garden writers/photographers blog about whatever gardening topics come along, illustrated with striking photographs.
Glenns Garden
Glenn Bronner, professional groundskeeper, writes about general garden topics, what's blooming, and presents a photo gallery of garden ideas.
Three gardeners blog about everyday backyard topics.
Garden writer Nancy Ondra blogs about her sunny garden in Pennsylvania, shared with two alpacas: cool plants, gardening techniques, and projects.
How Mary's Garden Grows
Virginia gardener shows and describes her garden and plants.
Ilona's Garden Journal
Ilona records events of her garden season and its inspirations.
Kerry's Garden
Weblog of transplanted gardener, sharing personal gardening experience and advice, with photos, humor and occasional tears. Gardening in a Pacific Northwest community garden.
KJ Gardens
Weblog with entries covering container gardening and perennials.
The Lovely Plants
Blog about growing a variety of mostly tropical and exotic plants, with a focus on succulents.
Mark's Inspiring Plants
Mark Griffiths in England presents information and photos of various alpine and small bulbs, pleiones, cyclamen, and tropical orchids, as well as photos of his own garden and other gardens in England and Brazil.
May Dreams Gardens
Gardener in Indiana blogs about indoor and outdoor gardening and wildlife, often with a touch of humor.
New Jersey gardener describes the joys, trials, and tribulations of gardening in USDA zone 6.
Includes pages on a variety of topics, including sexual and asexual plant propagation, information about various herbs, as well as honeybees and birds.
North Country Maturing Gardener
Master gardener in New Hampshire offers advice, links to resources, and brief articles.
A Not So Simple Garden
Biology teacher reports on plants growing in his garden in upstate New York. An emphasis on South African plants.
The Optimistic Gardener
Garden designer and photographer Linn Arvidsson in Sweden shares her weblog of garden columns, dreams and a smattering of gardening topics.
PA Plantings
Blog by Pennsylvania gardener Mike Slater, covering a variety of plant topics as well as news from the Muhlenberg Botanic Club of Lancaster.
Midwestern meanderings from a Zone 6 Garden in Peoria, Illinois.
Realmud Garden
Kati in Ontario, a gardening-mad grandmother, offers her thoughts, musings, and photos, loosely connected by a garden theme.
Rod's Garden
Gardening information, advice, and tips by an Oregon Certified Nursery Professional.
Gardener shares pictures of flowers and garden scenes from his own garden and others gardens that he has worked on.
Stupid Garden Plants
Vancouver Island greenhouse worker blogs about his journey into all things gardening from tropical plants to vegetable gardens.
Susan's Garden Patch
Toronto gardener provides landscaping tips, plant descriptions, personal observations and a look into some of her own garden areas.
This Garden Is Illegal
Ohio gardener's weblog covering a wide range of general and personal gardening topics.
Tropical Flower Species
Descriptions and photos of some flowering plants and butterfly species commonly found in India.
Weeds & Seeds Swap
New Jersey gardener blogs about her garden through the seasons, and offers space for classified ads for plant and seed trades and sales.
The Wildest Dreams of Kew
A weblog-style running photo-illustrated commentary on interesting exotic and familiar plants in the author's garden and the places they come from.
Wooded Paths
Weblog about gardening on a wooded lot in Massachusetts, with descriptions and photos of plants and garden features.
You Grow Girl: Gayla's Journal
Secrets of the plant kingdom revealed for beginners and experts alike.

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