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Astral Butterflies
Shows and describes butterfly species, their beauty and behavior, and plants for attracting them to your garden.
Bloom's Butterfly Garden Basics
A butterfly garden planned and built by Thurgood Marshall Elementary School. Copy of plans, plants used and butterfly basics.
Butterfly and Bird Gardening
Information on plants and shrubs specific to Florida to attract wildlife.
The Butterfly Garden
Active forum provided by Ask questions, give answers.
Butterfly Gardening
Factsheet from Clemson University on designing a home garden to attract butterflies. Includes lists of nectar and larval food plants.
Butterfly Gardening
Tips from the Montreal Botanical Garden's Green Pages on how to make a garden that will attract butterfiles. Advice on planning the garden and choosing plants.
Butterfly Gardening - West Virginia Division of Natural Resources
Information on hibernation boxes, host plants, food and habitat.
Butterfly Gardening and Conservation
Information about many species of butterflies, including their life cycle, and the plants you can grow to attract them.
The Butterfly Site- Butterfly Gardening Articles
Articles on butterfly gardens, plants, and attracting butterflies to your garden.
Christina Mild's Rio Delta Wild
Articles about plants native to southernmost Texas, including notes on their use by butterflies.
Flying Flowers
Butterfly gardening in Florida. Lists of garden plants and how to grow them, information on butterflies and how to attract them, and how to raise caterpillars and butterflies.
Glorious Butterfly
Step by step instructions on raising Monarch and Swallowtail Butterflies. Create a butterfly garden using nectar and host plants. Learn about the Monarch Migration.
How to Make a Butterfly Garden
Instructions and pictures of correct plants, placement, preferred colors and butterfly anatomy.
Articles about how to attract egg laying butterflies and the resulting caterpillars to your yard and how to raise them into butterflies in your home.
Monarch Watch : Butterfly Gardening
Host plants and gardening tips to attract the Monarch butterfly, Danaus plexippus.
Naturearc Butterfly Culture
Information about live butterfly and pupae and educational tips about butterfly gardening.
Neb Guide to Butterfly Gardening
Sections on butterfly anatomy and life cycle, commonly attracted butterflies in Nebraska, attracting butterflies, a list of plants to attract butterflies and additional reading.
Obsession With Butterflies
Butterfly lifecycle education, photos, butterfly gardening and conservation.
Plants for Attracting Butterflies in Central North Carolina
Notes on over 60 plants that attract butterflies and do well in the Piedmont of NC, with a list of local sources.
Victoria Butterfly Gardens Images
Image gallery of the Victoria Butterfly Gardens located in Brentwood Bay.
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