Websites describing or documenting a personal water garden (ponds, barrels, fountains). Many of these sites show photos of established ponds, or tell about the process of creating one.

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Our Pond
All about two ponds and a connecting waterfall in Virginia - its construction, development through the years and seasons. Includes a diary and resource page.
"My Outside Room"
A Massachusetts pond of three levels.
All About Koi Ponds
Relates my personal experience about building, maintaining and enjoying a backyard koi pond. Topics include the benefits of pond ownership, pond construction & maintenance, stocking fish and plants, breeding different categories of koi, adding ambiance with pond lights and a calculator to estimate the cost of different size ponds.
All About My Ponds
Kristi's developing addiction to water gardening documented in a photo gallery that starts with a buried roasting pan and culminated in an in-ground pond.
Tips and tricks to having a great backyard pond. Includes articles, photos, blog, and videos.
Biggs' Wildlife Pond
Using her own pond as an example, Kathy Biggs describes building a water garden to attract wildlife. Features photos of pond, dragonflies, birds, and fish, and lists of pond plants.
Brian's First Pond
A 200 gallon pond located in Australia with a list of resident fish.
CJ's Adventures In Ponding
Contains photographs of a backyard pond, fish and wildlife inhabitants. The owners welcome visitors to their Long Island (New York) garden.
Dan and Rita's Goldfish Pond
Photos and description of a Kentucky home pond through the seasons, with winterization tips.
Don's Pond
Views of a waterfall, stream, and pond with Koi and plantings.
The eRodent Garden Pond
Details the progress of a backyard wildlife pond in the UK, with an emphasis on frogs and tadpoles.
Evan's Pond
Illinois gardener shows off the pond he dug in his back yard, with lots of photos of its construction, inhabitants, and development through the years.
Fran's Pond Journey
Story of a pond's construction and growth through the years, in words and photos.
Glass Block Koi Pond
Photographs and design details of a striking pond built using glass block in Ventura (California).
Janice's Turtle Pond
Illustrated account of the construction of a pond and stream, and information about its inhabitants, especially the turtles.
Jennifer And Robert's Ponds
All about an above-ground pond with fountain, plants and fish, as well as a few smaller water features.
Jerry's Koi Pond
Photos of a large backyard koi pond with waterfall in Port Orchard (Washington).
Joyce's Pond
A Texas pond and stream with a solution to a blue heron problem.
Karen's Pond
A 500 gallon pond in New Jersey showing a waterfall and stream.
Keith and Sue's Pond
Photo galleries of fish pond with waterfalls.
Keith's Koi Korner
Provides general pond information and pictures of ponds from around the world, as well as koi information and links.
Kim's Pond
A California pond with photos of the goldfish, Koi, and plants it contains.
Mike's Tropical Pond
Contains photographs of a pond and its waterfall, statuary, and fish built in Saipan (Western Pacific).
Molkenthin Pond
Photographs of a large pond and stream in Ollie (Iowa), and some information on filters and connecting piping through a pond liner.
Murphy's Fish in a Barrel
Explains things to consider when creating an above-ground half-barrel water feature: fish, plants, water quality. Examples and photos from his own patio barrel.
My Backyard Turtle Project
A photo essay on the construction of an above-ground, kidney shaped pond for a Yellow-bellied Slider turtle named, "Cooter."
My Koi Pond
Photos of a home garden pond built to enjoy koi, a home-built bridge, and the story of an unfortunate liner puncture mishap.
My So Called Pond Life
Southern California water gardener shares a weblog with photos and observations.
Contains information on the hobby of breeding butterfly koi, with photos of ponds and their construction process.
Patty's Pond
A formal pond located in Ontario, Canada.
Phyllis's Pond
Private pond in New Jersey featuring volume, dimensions, location, and description.
The Pond at Chateau Gladstone
Offers details on a pond and the construction, photographs, pond life. Also information on winterizing the pond.
Pond Life - Watching A Pond Grow
An informative website about a wildlife pond in Scotland. It shows the pond being built and monthly developments as the pond matured.
Pond Showcase
A directory of personal pond sites, including water gardens, Koi ponds, tub ponds, turtle ponds, bogs, farm and gamefish ponds, and indoor ponds.
The Pond That Bill Built
Information on the planning and creation of a backyard water garden.
Rudybacon's Pond and Garden Pictures
Photos and background information on ponds in a Texas backyard pond.
Sharon's Pond
Various photos of an 18,000 gallon pond in Georgia, waterfall, dimensions, and some dialogue.
Steph's Watergarden
A 100 gallon pond located in Indiana.
Steve's Fish Pond
Patio pond on the East coast of England. Photos and tips for fellow pond gardeners.
Swampview's Pond
A 6,000 gallon pond in Ontario, Canada providing dimensions and commentary.
Teri's Florida Pond
Photos of a three level pond, waterfalls, and stream with commentary.
Terri's Back Yard Pond
Pictures of back-yard pond, including fish and plants. Also a few tips for water gardening on the cheap.
Terry's New York Pond
A 990 gallon pond with photos of a tropical water canna, and a resident frog.
Tony's Pond Page
Two ponds, each with a photo and description.
Walt's Pond
A Koi and oranda pond located in Massachusetts showing dimensions and volume.
Water Garden Guide
Collection of brief articles on designs, plants, filters, pumps, and Japanese styles.
The Watergarden Project
Photos showing the construction of an above-ground, wood-framed pond, as well as the completed project.
Wayne's World
A 5,000 gallon pond with waterfall, and instructions for a special "fish condo" to display Koi and orfe, night photos, and commentary.
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