This category is for groups, clubs, societies, and organizations interested in water gardening, ponds, the study of aquatic life, and the preservation of nature.

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Aquatic Gardeners Association
An international organization of aquatic plant enthusiasts, which appeals to both beginners and experienced hobbyists alike. The AGA produces a bi-monthly journal called The Aquatic Gardener.
Austin Pond Society
Water gardening enthusiasts group in Texas offers membership information and information about events and tours.
Bluewater Pond Club
Located in South Western Ontario, and offering events, tours, member list, a newsletter, suppliers, and member ponds.
Central Illinois Water Gardeners
Meet monthly to discuss water gardens and ponds.
Deep South Koi Society
A group of pond owners promoting the building and maintenance of fish ponds in the Baton Rouge area. Covers dues, monthly newsletter, and meetings.
Eastern Iowa Pond Society
Information about membership, annual pond tour, member pond showcases, newsletter, meeting minutes and event calendar.
Geneva Area Pond Club
Expat-run club in Switzerland presents its meetings and other announcements. Site features photo galleries of members' ponds, aquatic plants, and fish.
Greater Phoenix Pond Society
Includes pond tour details, newsletters, message board and photos of members' ponds.
Greater Toronto Water Garden & Horticultural Society
Meetings held at Toronto Botanical Gardens with knowledgeable speakers, and a question and answer session to share ideas and experiences. Includes tours, events, and articles.
Heart of Texas Water Garden and Pond Society
For enthusiasts in central Texas. Membership information, practical articles, and a member forum.
Iliana Garden Pond Society
Ponders group in Northern Illinois and Indiana. Information about events and projects, expos and public gardens, and membership.
International Waterlily Society
Dedicated to the preservation, proliferation, and positive identification of all members of the Nymphaea complex. Membership includes subscription to the Water Garden Journal.
Miami Valley Water Garden Society
Designed to promote, create and enlarge the hobby of water gardening. Dayton, Ohio club provides calendar, members' pond tours and articles.
Minnesota Water Garden Society
Offers information about the society, its projects and newsletter, pond basics, plant profiles, and member photo gallery.
North American Water Garden Society. An organization of pond lovers dedicated to enjoyment, promotion, education and protection of the water garden hobby.
North Carolina Koi & Watergarden Society
Club history and mission, membership information, newsletters and events, and photo galleries.
North Texas Water Garden Society
An organization for people who are interested in water gardens, ponds and fish. Located in Dallas, Texas, USA.
Pikes Peak Water Garden Society
Includes information about pond tours, plant sale, and meetings, and photos of members' ponds. Colorado Springs.
Pioneer Valley Water Garden and Koi Club
Club for Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut provides listing of club officers, meeting schedule, pond tour photos, and a membership application.
Santa Clara Valley Koi & Water Garden Club
Club in California tells about its meetings, pond tours, and koi show, presents resources and articles, and offers membership information.
Topeka Area Water Garden Society
Meets monthly to share the rewards of water gardening. Presents schedule, photographs, newsletter and message board.
Water Gardeners International
Provides location for water gardeners seeking information on botanic and public gardens, clubs and societies, research, relevant publications, and an library of water gardening articles and images on the Internet.
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