Writings, ideas, information, suggestions on Fathering which are by an individual or about individual experiences of parenting by men.

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And Triplets Makes Six
One man's story of going from bachelor to family of six in 18 months.
Another Day Of life
A Father's journey to raise his children while dealing with special needs, debt, and family life in order to bring their dreams to reality.
Be A Good Dad
Personal weblog pertaining to raising kids and trying to be a good father.
Discussion forum for parents of boys. Also includes articles on parenting, sibling rivalry, and development issues.
Advice for dads and new fathers on parenting, pregnancy, raising children and just being a great dad. Describes one Canadian man's trip through fatherhood.
The Dad Jam
Collaborative parenting resource for fathers and parents of young children. This large-scale discussion website focuses on a variety of fatherhood topics.
Dad or Alive
Written by Mr. Adrian, it offers various stories and experiences throughout his life from his perspective as a man.
Dad vs Wild
A guide to adventurous parenting written by a father living in Nebraska.
A Dad's Diary
This daddy blog aims to shed light on fatherhood through humor.
Daddy Blogger
Ricky Shetty offers reviews and tips from a father's perspective.
The Daddy Experience
A comedic reflection on fatherhood that is informative, but lighthearted.
Daddy Yashiro's Journal
Yashiro is a Filipino dad who blogs about life, parenting and kids.
A single dad's journey through Divorce, Career, Relationships and Parenting.
Dads View
One dad's experiences with his young son with tips about education and learning.
Dear Henry
Dear Henry is a father's blog containing letter's to his deceased son, Henry. Henry died in December 2002.
Java John Z's
Offers product reviews and giveaways with occasional technical advice and information on Boston area events.
Just Add Father
A chronicle from a dad who lost his own father as a young child and explores how to raise a son.
Learning To Be Dad
The joys, pains and experience of being a Father for the first time.
Like Father Like...
Diary of a first time father.
Writing about experiences as a new Dad.
Mr. Dad
A resource for fathers in all areas of parenting. Created by best selling author, Armin Brott, it has information for new and old dads alike.
Mr. Evan's Plea
Non-custodial, three times divorced father tells how unfair things are for him regarding visitation with his minor children.
Science-Based Parenting
Weblog by a science enthusiast and father. Also includes articles on acupuncture, homeopathy and vaccinations.
Single Dads
Advice, personal stories, and information of interest for the single dad or single mother in the information age.
Straight Dope Dad
A self employed, stay at home dad gives you the straight dope about parenting, kids, love and life. Parenting tips, tricks and advice from a human secularist perspective.
Thoughts of Nate's Dad
A father's thoughts on his son, new adventures as a father, and little tips to share along the way.
Westside Dad
Weblog on fathering. News on dadissues such as coaching, balancing work and parenting, mentoring and teaching creativity.
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