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Websites with families with 4 or more children in the immediate family, that focus on raising a large family, or profiles of each family member, life as a large family etc.

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Andy and Vicki's Place
View the family photo album and see samples of art by the kids. Find descriptions of important family events/milestones.
Arndt Family
A home-schooled family of 16; 13 sons, 1 daughter, two parents; all single births, none adopted.
The Arroyo Family Web Site
View pictures of J. and Linda, their children, grandchildren and friends. Read about their family values and find links to sites of interest.
Bayou Spirit Welcomes You
Pictures and stories of a Southern Louisiana family with four sons.
A Child To Love - Adoption Love Stories
I am the mother of twenty-six. This site is built around ten children whom I adopted, with severe disabilities. Each one has an individuality, personality, and is loved dearly.
Cuffe Family Reunion
Website about the tri-annual Cuffe Family Reunion for the far-flung descendants of Henry and Frances Cuffe. 12 children, 75 (or so) grandchildren, not sure how many greats, plus a few great-greats making their appearance. Site to be updated with new information for each new reunion.
Haralson Network
A family of four children living in Oklahoma. Includes pictures, information on the family and links.
Heiliger Family
Phil and Nancy and five kids. Includes family photos, stories, devotions, and link to Maryland Piano Service.
Ifland Family
The latest writings, adventures, and photos of the Ifland family of 10.
Johnson Family
Details the exploits of Rick, Kathy, Bryan, Ben, Brett, and Brad Johnson.
The Livengood Home Page
Visit the Livengood family, husband, wife, four sons and their families.
Mahoney Mayhem
Pictures and links from the Mahoney family in Rochester, NY, including information on their 5 children.
MrsMomof9 Family Homepage
My own webpage with information on homebirth, homeschooling, and healthy living.
My Life as a Mom
Weblog from a mother of six, dedicated to the joys and sometimes chaos of having a large family.
Oseland: Chaz and Chris Rachael's Domestic Tranquility
Between us, we have 7 parents and 11 siblings. This is the most efficient way for everyone to keep in touch.
Rankel Family
A family of eight, all born and raised on Long Island, NY.
Rapson's Webpage
Some pictures of the Rapson family and their pets.
The Ridgway's
Come and meet Rob and Deb, and their 10 children, all under the age of 17.
Starr Family Web Site
Starr Family from Bristol. Personal pages for all the 5 brothers and parents.
Weidmann Family Site
A short description of the Weidmann family in Brisbane, Australia.
Yes, This Is The Crazy, Hecitic Life I Live
A weblog of a family with six children.

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