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If you run or know of a mailing list that is geared towards large families (4 or more children in the immediate family) then add it here.
Big Adoptive Families
A place where parents of large adoptive families or adoptive families of any number can come together and talk, share stories, vent, share recipes and just chat about daily events with having a large family.
Big Families Recipes
A recipe mailing list with recipes that big families can enjoy.
Christian With Lots of Kids
This list is for Christian women only who are raising a large family. You can be a biological mother, adoptive mother, foster mother or combination.
Families of 6 Yahoo! Group
The Yahoo! Group for families with 4 or more children. Share tips and ideas about making the experience of a large family a more enjoyable one and less costly.
Foundation For Large Families
Join and network with families all over the country that have 4 or more children.
Large Adoptive Families Kids
A list for kids that are part of a large family that has come through adoption. Run by 3 kids who are the oldest of 23 adopted kids.
Large Adoptive Families List
A mailing list for anyone that has a large family through adoption.
Large Families
A support group for large families.
Large Families Book Mailing List
The moderator is looking to talk with parents of large families (4 or more kids) to help with her book.
Large Families Mailing List
A list for all parents of large families of 5 or more children to talk.
This list provides a forum for families who have three or more children to discuss the unique concerns and joys of raising what is today considered a larger family.
Lots of Kids
This list is for moms that are part of a large family.
Moms of Large Families
Are you a mom of a large family? Are you thinking about having a large family someday? If you are then come and join.
Moms With Lotsa Kids
For moms with 4 or more children to discuss things unique to large families.
North Carolina Large Families
A list for all parents of large families living in North Carolina.
Pregnant Again
Are you pregnant? Do you have a large family? Do people look at you like you're crazy? This is a list for all of you out there who are pregnant for the third or more time and are having a large family by choice.
Tons of Kids
This mailing list is set up for parents of large families, five or more kids, or parents who aspire to have a large family.
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