Places where a searcher may register their information, in hopes of matching up with a birth relative. May be a free or a fee service.
International Soundex Reunion Registry
The world's largest free reunion registry. Includes information about RegDay.
Adoption Reunions (South Africa)
Registry for those with birth families connected to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana and other African countries. Includes letters from members, discussion group, and stories. Reunion Registry
A worldwide service that requires registration to search listings.
Black Market Adoptee's Registry
Registry for those who have been affected by black market adoptions and those having falsified birth records.
British Columbia Adoption Reunion Registry
Registry for people who have been affected by an adoption in the province.
California Adoption Search and Reunion Registry
A free registry for adopted people born in California to find and locate their biological family through a mutual consent search process. Contains FAQ and reunion stories.
California Cryobank Sibling Registry
Allowing siblings and extended families to find each other. Includes a user guide, FAQ and bulletin board.
California Mutual Consent Registry
Registry for members of the adoption triad who were born or adopted in the United States.
The Canadian Adoptees Registry Inc.
Offers free search and listings for adoptees, birthmothers/fathers, siblings, relatives, fostered adults and adoptive parents.
Closing The Gap
This adoption registry no longer accepts new registrants, but still has a list of active searches.
Free adoption reunion registry reuniting adoptees and birth parents.
G'S Adoption Registry
Free service. Includes registry history, stories, tutorial and messageboard.
The Hispanic Adoption Registry
A guestbook registry geared toward the Hispanic/Latino triad.
Kentucky Adoption Reunion Registry
A privately run computer registry for adoptees, birthparents, siblings and others.
The Lit Candle Adoption Registry
Guestbook-style registry. Links to related sites are included.
The home of an Internet mailing list devoted to search and support for those affected by the closed records adoption system in Michigan. Links and advice.
Pieces of Dreams
Free U.S. registry. Includes personal stories and search tips.
Sherri's Searching North Carolina
Free registry for adoptees and birth families in North Carolina.
South Carolina Adoption Reunion Registry
Reunites families separated by adoption. For those born or adopted in South Carolina.
TxCARE Adoption Registry
This registry works like a dating program, but matches people based on similar adoption histories. Allows saved searches. Registration is free.
UK Birth Adoption Register
Fee-based UK registry. Includes links to related resources.
When the Bough Breaks
A North Carolina based registry.
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