This area is for listing sites that belong to active searchers, and for reunion stories.

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Personal adoption and reunion story, photos, search and reunion tips, and links to related sites.
Adoption and My Search for the Truth
A late discovery adoptee's search and reunion story. Includes search and reform links as well as adoption humor.
Adoption Pennsylvania : Why So Weird?
Personal situation of one individual's frustration in trying to find out about his biological parents.
Adoption Reunion Story
The story of a birth mother's reunion with her son, Danny. Includes related poetry.
Adoptee presents story of her adoptive family and the members of her birth family with whom she has been reunited.
Chris' Chrysalis
Reunion story, with photographs.
Deborah Deuro
Photos and information from a woman who searched for her birth family in Hungary.
Do You Know This Man
Hung Tran is an Amerasian searching for his birth parents. Photo posted in hopes that someone will recognize them.
Emery Home
Information for adult adoptees who were residents of the Emery Memorial Home, Richton, Mississippi between 1931 and 1964.
Empty Images
Discusses the feelings and road blocks associated with adoption, as well as the author's own experience with reunion.
Judith O'Keefe (Waldman)
Adoptee born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France presents information about her life and search for her biological family. (English, French)
Karen's Page
Information about the author's adoption, search and reunion.
Kye Yung Kim
Details of an adopted Korean girl searching for her biological family.
Lost Falcon Has Been Found
Reunion details, with photo album.
Lost In September: A Florida to NY Adoption
Resource for those who were involved in a Florida birth with an adoption finalization in New York. Includes a message board and links.
Lucy's Inspirations
Birthmother shares her story, photos and inspirational thoughts.
A Road Called Reunion
An adoptee's story of search and reunion.
Rocky Ray
Details of a man's search for his brother's sons, Rudy and Adam.
Sally Stewart's Missouri Adoption
Features adoption related poems, journal and links.
A Starting Place
A searching birthmother gives details of her daughter who was adopted in Texas, in 1975.
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