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Adoption agencies are involved in providing adoption services to both adoptive parents and birth parents.

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ABC For Adoption
Private agency based in Illinois. Includes information about programs, the process, and approval criteria.
Abrazo Adoption Associates
A full-service, nonprofit adoption agency based in San Antonio, Texas, specializing in open adoptions.
Across The World Adoptions
Specializes in adoptions from China, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Mexico, Romania and Russia. Offers home studies in California. Descriptions of programs, photo listings, and financing details.
A Act of Love Adoptions
Non-profit agency that focuses on domestic infant adoptions. Located in Sandy, Utah. Includes testimonials, history, and list of requirements.
Adopt Abroad
Licensed agency in Pennsylvania (U.S.) offering programs in Ukraine and Poland. Information about services is presented.
Adopt America Network
A non-profit agency placing special needs children with permanent homes throughout the United States.
Licensed non-profit adoption agency. Offers information for adoptive and birth parents and adoption photos.
Adoption Advocates, Inc.
A private, non-profit adoption organization serving birth mothers and adoptive parents licensed to work in the state of Florida.
Adoption Advocates, Inc.
An open adoption agency in San Antonio, Texas providing services for both adoptive parents and birth parents.
The Adoption Alliance
Provides domestic adoption, foster care and home study services. Licensed in Texas, New York, and Nevada.
Adoption Assistance, Inc.
Located in Danville, Kentucky and dedicated to assisting families with the adoption process.
Adoption By Gentle Care
Non-denominational, non-profit agency providing services to birthparents and adoptive parents in Ohio.
Adoption Center for Family Building
Non-profit Open Adoption Agency licensed in both Illinois and Indiana. Free services for pregnant women and teenage girls considering adoption.
Adoption Center of Illinois
Non-profit, licensed child welfare agency.
Adoption Circle
Non-profit adoption agency licensed by the State of Ohio offering domestic adoption. Offices in Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio.
Adoption in the Black Country
UK Midlands based collaboration between four local authority adoption agencies focused on helping children between 5 and 11 years old find adoptive families.
Adoption Link, Inc.
Licensed agency in Ohio. List of services, profiles of prospective adoptive parents, and fees.
Adoption Matters
An approved adoption agency providing services in the United Kingdom.
Adoption Miracles
Full service adoption agency.
Adoption Options Manitoba Inc.
Licensed agency providing services to both birth and adoptive families so they can make an informed decision regarding their options.
Adoption Resources Homepage
Private, non-profit adoption placement program that provides all those involved with support and counseling. History, philosophy, and resources for birth and adoptive parents. Based in Massachusetts.
Adoption S.T.A.R.
Offering domestic infant placements, birth parent counseling, open adoption and home studies. Authorized by New York State.
Adoption Services Inc.
Private, non-profit, non-sectarian agency licensed to serve birth parents and prospective adoptive parents in the State of Wisconsin.
Adoption Services, Inc.
A fully licensed, non-profit adoption agency placing healthy Caucasian, Chinese, Eastern European, and bi-racial infants and children with families who want to adopt.
Adoption World
Licensed Pennsylvania full service adoption agency.
Adoptions Forever
International agency licensed in the state of Pennsylvania. Profile of the founder, application form, and information about criteria and fees are provided.
Adoptions From The Heart
Provides a full range of adoption services including domestic and international adoption programs, and free counseling to women facing an unplanned pregnancy.
Adoptions of Kentucky
Private adoption agency in Louisville, KY, provides complete services for birth parents including counseling, payment of necessary expenses and selection of adoptive parents.
Adoptions Together
Offers child placement and counseling services. Includes a database of waiting children and information about services and events.
Advocates For Children and Families
Private, non profit licensed adoption agency offering services for birth and adoptive parents.
Alabama Family Adoption Services
Alabama adoption agency providing services for birthmothers.
All Blessings International
Not-for-profit, COA accredited, licensed child placement agency with programs in China, Russia, Guatemala, and Vietnam.
All Gods Children
A non-profit Christian adoption and relief agency in Portland, Oregon.
Alliance For Children
A non-profit, international adoption agency helping U.S. families adopt from China, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, India, Romania, Russia, the United States, and Vietnam. Also featured on the site: latest adoption news.
Alternatives in Motion
Agency geared to the needs and concerns of young women faced with unplanned parenting. Located in Houston, Texas.
America World Adoption Association
A licensed Christian agency dedicated to helping families adopt in China, Ukraine, Russia, and Vietnam. Stories, staff profiles, and list of references are included.
American Adoptions
A non-profit, licensed agency, providing services for domestic adoptions.
American Association of Open Adoption Agencies
A listing of adoption policies that guide the formation of this national organization of values based open adoption agencies.
Americans for International Aid and Adoption
Licensed not for profit adoption agency located in Michigan.
Au Berceau de la Vie
Licensed non-profit agency that places children from Russia into homes throughout the Canada.
Beacon House
Licensed, non-profit child placing agency. Offering adoption alternative including domestic (Caucasian and minority) and international adoption programs.
Offers pregnancy counseling and adoption services. Main office in Hamilton (Ontario, Canada), with affiliated offices in Cobourg, Woodstock and Guelph.
Beta Foster Care
Foster care agency which provides family support and foster care services for children in Southern California.
Bethany Christian Services
Private, licensed, non-profit adoption and family service agency, serving 30 states from over 70 locations and in 13 international countries.
Bright Futures Adoption Center
A non-profit Massachusetts agency specializing in open adoption. Focus is primarily on placing infants born in the United States.
Building Blocks Adoption Service, Inc.
Ohio adoption agency providing adoption services through unplanned pregnancy and adoption programs, newborn domestic adoption and State of Ohio State Waiting Adoption Programs.
CASI Foundation For Children
A full service adoption agency specializing in domestic, Ukrainian, Chinese, and Haitian adoption.
Catholic Social Service of Southern Illinois
Serves all people in Illinois' 28 most southern counties with counseling, adoption, pregnancy counseling, foster care and other social services.
Catholic Social Services
Offering preventative mental health services, refugee resettlement, Pregnancy counseling, child and adult foster care and respite care for family of the chronically ill.
Child Adoption Associates
Non-profit international adoption agency licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Information about adoption from the Ukraine and the process involved.
Child and Family Services of Northwestern Michigan
Private non-profit human services agency serving Northwestern Michigan. Services include adoption, foster care, and family, individual and pregnancy counseling.
A Child's Dream
Adoption Agency licensed in Washington, Kansas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Utah, California, and Oklahoma providing support to adoptive parents and birth parents.
A Child's Hope
Offers adoption information and placement services. Includes profiles of waiting couples, staff information and related links.
Children At Heart Adoption Services
A nonprofit international adoption agency with orphaned children available for immediate adoption to qualified couples or single parents in all 50 states.
Children of the World
A licensed, full service adoption agency specializing in adoption and relief programs in the People's Republic of China, Guatemala, India, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and Nepal.
Children's Aid Society of Clearfield County
Fully licensed, private, non-profit, non-sectarian agency offering a full range of adoption services to prospective adoptive families in central and western Pennsylvania.
Children's Home Society and Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota
International and open adoption, child abuse prevention and child care services for families in MN, VA, and MD.
Children's Hope International
Licensed, not-for-profit adoption and humanitarian agency which places children from China, Russia, India, Guatemala, and Vietnam in homes all over the United States.
Christian Family Care Agency
Non-profit licensed Christian social service agency serving children and families in Arizona.
Chrysalis House, Inc.
Licensed, private, nonprofit adoption and foster family agency involved in domestic and international adoptions. Offers services to birth parents free of charge.
Cradle of Hope Adoption Center, Inc.
Adoption programs in Russia, China, Guatemala, and Ukraine.
Cradle of Love
An adoption agency dedicated to giving you the help, services, and support tailored to your individual circumstances.
Dillon International
Licensed, non-profit agency specializing in international adoptions and ongoing support for adoptive families. Infants and toddlers are available from Korea, China, India, Haiti, Guatemala, Ukraine, and Russia.
Dillon Southwest
Places Korean-born infants with Arizona families and provides local services for families working with other agencies toward the adoption of children from other countries.
Non-sectarian, non-profit agency devoted exclusively to placing children from the age of 7 to 17. Many locations across the United States. News, service details, and contact information are provided.
Eastern Social Welfare Society
Specializing in Korean adoptions and post-adoption services.
European Adoption Consultants
European Adoption Consultants, Inc. is a non-profit, licensed international adoption agency.
European Children Adoption Services
Full service non-profit adoption agency licensed in Minnesota with experience in adoption of orphaned children from Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe and other countries.
Families for Children Trust
Voluntary agency in Devon, United Kingdom.
Family and Children's Agency, Inc.
A non-profit, licensed agency providing services for domestic and international programs in Korea, China, Russia and Vietnam. Includes program descriptions, information about office locations, news, and a photo album.
Family Center of Hope
Nonprofit agency specializing in open adoptions, parental placement, birthparent counseling and other adoption services, both domestic and international.
Family Options Adoptions
Licensed, non-profit agency and counseling service for families in New Jersey, United States. Service details and staff profiles are included.
The Florence Crittenton League
Non-profit, non-sectarian adoption agency offering information, support and services to birth parents and adoptive families.
Friends In Adoption
Non-profit, licensed open adoption agency working with pregnant women and couples in placing their babies with straight, gay, or lesbian loving adoptive families.
Future Families
Adoption and foster care for the San Francisco Bay Area and Central Coast. An agency staffed by experienced adoptive and foster parents, therapists and social workers. No-cost adoption of American children of all ages.
The Gladney Center for Adoption
Non-profit organization specializing in international and domestic adoptions. Based in Fort Worth, Texas.
Golden Cradle Adoption Services
Non-profit, non-sectarian agency offering information for adoptive families and birth families, plus overseas adoptions. Licensed in New Jersey, Connecticut and New York. Hague Accredited by COA.
Hand in Hand
Christian based non-denominational agency specializing in international adoptions.
Hands Across The Water Adoption Agency
Non-profit, licensed adoption agency working with families pursuing international and domestic adoption.
Happy Families International Center
Non-profit, licensed adoption agency specializing in adoptions from Russia and providing home study, counseling, and education groups.
Hawaii International Child
Adoption programs for children from China, Cambodia, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.
Heartsent Adoptions, Inc
State (California) licensed, nonprofit, international agency. Articles and program descriptions are presented.
His House Children's Home
A non-profit Christian organization helping children and families in crisis through residential, foster and adoption services.
Homestudies and Adoption Placement Services
HAPS is based in New Jersey. Providing Homestudy services and Adoption placements from Guatemala, China, Russia, Romania and Domestically.
Illien Adoptions International, Inc.
Non-profit adoption agency placing children with adoptive families anywhere in the United States and the world.
Independent Adoption Center
Open adoption information, resources, and services for birthparents and adopting parents.
Independent Adoption Resource Center
The Independent Adoption Resource Center helps birth parents and prospective adoptive parents find each other make an adoption plan.
Infant of Prague
Fully licensed California agency offering services for birth parents and adoptive families.
International Adoption Services
Licensed, nonprofit child-placing agency offering services of adoption for children of all ages from Guatemala, Russia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Korea and the Philippines
International Assistance Group
Non-profit, accredited, international adoption agency specializing in Russian adoptions.
Island Coast International Adoptions
Facilitating adoptions from Guatemala, India, Poland and China. Services available to families throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.
Lifetree Adoption
Offering adoption services for adoptive families, birthmother assistance and guidance, birthfather counseling. Texas regulated and Dallas based.
Little Miracles International Adoption
Licensed Texas non-profit agency offering international adoption programs in several countries including Bulgaria, China and Ukraine. Includes bookstore, chat boards, orphanage sponsorship details, and email support groups.
Living Bridges
Programs to help U.S. families alleviate the suffering of orphaned and abandoned Latin American children through international adoption, sponsorship and transcultural education.
Living Hope Adoption
Private, non-profit Christian adoption agency specializing in Chinese adoptions.
Lutheran Social Services of the South
Specializing in placing minority, special-needs children and older children in loving homes. Unplanned pregnancy services and post-adoption services are also offered.
Mississippi Children's Home Services
Services for birthparents experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, adoptees interested in a birth search, and adoptive parents.
Nathanson Adoption Services, Inc.
Agency licensed in North Carolina conducting preplacement assessments, pre-adoption and post adoption services.
A New Arrival Adoptions
Offering adoptions from South Africa, Haiti, Guatemala, China, Kazakhstan, Russia, the United State, and other countries. Located in Montana.
New Beginnings Children and Family Services
A non-profit organization licensed in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Florida.
New Hope Christian Services
Licensed agency working with born-again Christian families wanting to adopt an orphan from Eastern Europe. Includes information about programs, news, and a list of staff members.
New York State Office of Children & Family Services
Information about adoption in New York State including: a child photolisting, subsidies, resources, family adoption registry and answers to frequently asked questions about the adoption process.
Nightlight Christian Adoptions
Building Families through Domestic, International and Embryo Adoptions
Northwest Adoption Exchange
Helps families connect with the workers of children in foster care in order to find permanent families for these children.
One Church One Child Adoption Program
Adoption program in Florida in association with Florida Department of Children and Families. Offering a photolisting of Florida's waiting Children.
Open Adoption & Family Services
A pro-choice nonprofit adoption agency licensed in Oregon and Washington to complete domestic infant open adoptions and offer free all-options pregnancy counseling.
Open Arms Adoption Agency
Agency licensed in Louisiana providing home study services for domestic, international, or special needs placements; birthparent and adoptive family counseling; and post placement visits.
An Open Door Adoption Agency
Helping Christian families find loving children and children find parents.
Saint Mary Intarnational Adoptions
A non-profit, North Carolina Licensed Adoption Agency specializing adoptions, home studies) and post-placement supervision.
Spaulding for Children
Placing abused and neglected children with permanent adoptive families and providing on-going support after placement.
Spence-Chapin Services to Families and Children
Private, nonprofit adoption agency with both domestic and international child placing programs and services. They also work with expectant mothers looking to make adoption plans for their baby. Licensed in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.
St. Vincent & Sarah Fisher Center
Supporting children and families through life crises by offering a network of services including foster care and adoption services.
Summit Adoption Home Studies, Inc.
A licensed, non-profit adoption agency and child referral service.
Sunny Ridge Family Center
A nonprofit adoption agency offering professional adoption services, education and training. Also provide free counseling to women facing unplanned pregnancy. Includes articles and FAQ. Bolingbrook, Illinois.
Three Rivers Adoption Council
A full service adoption agency whose goal is to find every waiting child a permanent family.
Wasatch International Adoptions
Nonprofit agency providing services in Brazil, Bulgaria, China, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. Photo listing and overview of fees are available.
West Sands Adoption
West Sands Adoptions is a non-denominational 501(c)3 non-profit organization licensed in the state of Utah.
Wide Horizons for Children
A full service non-profit agency providing pre-adoption and post-adoption services.
World Association of Children and Parents
An international and domestic non-profit adoption and child assistance agency.
World Child International Adoption Agency
A non-profit agency placing children from Russia, Eastern Europe, Central and South America, China, Vietnam and many other countries.
You Gotta Believe Youth Adoption
A homeless prevention program finding adoptive and permanent homes for teens and pre-teens living in foster care.
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