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Afri Chef: African Recipes
Cookbook presentation with sample recipes, such as Pea Soup 'n Meat, and Wildebeeskastaiings.
Africa - African Recipes
Collection of some fifteen recipes, organised bij course, at World Recipes.
The Africa Guide: African Cooking and Recipes
Links to recipes from all over the continent.
African Chop
Listing of African markets and restaurants along with some recipes and a glossary of tropical foods.
African Foods
School project describing African foods, with recipes from various countries.
African Foods
Provides cultural information about various African foods. Also offers an African food delivery service anywhere within the UK.
African Recipes Secrets
A lifetime collection of African recipes presented by a native Liberian. Includes instructions, personal experiences, and insights into African cultures.
Mailinglist for African recipes.
Afro Food
An African cuisine resource featuring authentic recipes and original video food preparation demonstrations.
The Best of African Food
Cookbook presentation with five sample recipes.
Online source for information about ingredients, recipes, culinary research related to African food and culture.
Chad (Africa)
Recipe for a squash and peanut dish from Chad.
The Congo Cookbook
Over 150 traditional African recipes, with information about cooking and food culture in Sub-Saharan Africa, excerpts from historical texts, and vintage illustrations.
Cooking for Fun
Small collection of African recipes for appetizers and main dishes.
North African Cuisine
Collection of recipes from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt.
Nshima and Ndiwo
Article by M. S. Tembo on the most important staples among Zambians in Southern Africa, with recipes.
Recipes from African Countries
Recipes from several African countries at Gaby's and Andy's homepage.
Recipes from Mauritius
Large collection of recipes and information on Mauritian cooking offered by Madeleine Philippe. African Recipes
About seventy recipes from African Bobotie to Zimbabwe Greens.
Vegetable Potjie
A camping recipe from Botswana submitted to About's camping site.
Vegetarian Recipes Around the World - African Index
More than sixty African recipes from salads to breads.

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