Jambalaya : Rice cooked usually with ham, sausage, chicken, shrimp, or oysters and seasoned with herbs.

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Alligator Jambalaya
Cajun style recipe using a variety of ingredients, at Recipe Source.
Baked Black Pot Jambalaya
Uses long grain rice, variety of vegetables, choice of meat, and herbs. From Recipe Source.
Becky's Jambalaya
Calls for rice, pork, ham, sausage, vegetables, and herbs. Makes six servings. From Recipe Source.
Beef Jambalaya 1
Uses stewing beef, bell peppers, and mushrooms. Makes four servings. From Recipe Source.
Black-Eyed Pea Jambalaya
Made from pork sausage, dried onion, and creamed soup. Makes six servings, at Recipe Source.
Broken Shrimp Jambalaya
Easy to make recipe with few ingredients. Six servings, from Recipe Source.
Brown Rice Jambalaya
Combines ham, chicken legs, vegetables, and herbs. Serves eight, at Recipe Source.
Cajun Crawfish Jambalaya
Recipe using bell pepper, onion, celery, served with rice.
Cajun Jambalaya
Easy to make recipe that calls for a few ingredients. Makes eight servings, at Recipe Source.
Chicken & Tasso Jambalaya
Uses poultry seasonings, vegetables, and herbs. Serves four, at Recipe Source.
Chicken Jambalaya
Made from broth, vegetables, and seasonings. Makes four servings, from Recipe Source.
Chicken Jambalaya 2
Presents a Dutch oven recipe made from flour, bacon slices, and cayenne pepper, from Recipe Source.
Dunbar's Jambalaya
Uses shrimp, sausage, ham, and rice. Serves four, from Recipe Source.
Easy-On-Your-Heart Jambalaya
Calls for turkey sausage, bacon slices, ham, oysters, and shrimp. Makes eight servings, from Recipe Source.
Ham & Shrimp Jambalaya
Uses shrimp, vegetables, and a variety of herbs. Serves eight, by Recipe Source.
Simple slow cooker recipe from Rival making four to six servings, at Recipe Source.
Description of an authentic Dutch oven recipe from Gonzales, Louisiana.
Jambalaya (Chef Du Jour)
Requires many ingredients. Serves six, from Recipe Source.
Jambalaya Casserole
Uses ham, shrimp, macaroni, and bacon. Makes four servings, by Recipe Source.
Jambalaya with Pork Loin
Low fat recipe that calls for dill, chicken bouillon, and vegetables. Makes four servings, by Recipe Source.
Lucile's Crawfish Jambalaya
Made from flour and seasonings. Makes four servings, from Recipe Source.
Oyster and Crawfish Jambalaya
Find music and a recipe that calls for a number of ingredients.
Oyster Jambalaya
Made with tasso, ham, sausage, and bacon fat. Makes about six cups, from Recipe Source.
Patti's Jambalaya
Crock pot recipe uses white wine, chicken, sausage, and shrimp. Makes six servings, by Recipe Source.
Peach Jambalaya
Traditional ingredients with the addition of fruit. Makes four servings, by Recipe Source.
Poor Man's Jambalaya
Made with mustard, ground red pepper, and a mix of other ingredients along with kielbasa. Four servings, by Recipe Source.
Poule D'eau Jambalaya
Calls for cubed rabbit, sausage, mushrooms, and seasonings. Serves one. From Recipe Source.
Quinoa Jambalaya
Calls for hot pepper sesame oil, flour, canned tomatoes, and seasonings. Serving six, from Recipe Source.
Rabbit (or Chicken) Jambalaya
Made with various seasonings. Serves one from Recipe Source.
Sausage and Pork Jambalaya
Made from pork butt, sausage, and brown gravy from Recipe Source.
Shrimp Jambalaya
Calls for rice, bacon drippings, and seasonings. Serves six. From Recipe Source.
Turkey Jambalaya
Uses ham steak, shrimp, and a list of various ingredients. From Recipe Source.
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