Hot and Sour Soup is a classic Chinese dish that has been passed on to other Asian cuisines.
Chang's Hot & Sour Soup
Using pork strips, bamboo shoots, woodear, bean curd, and mushrooms.
Dragon Den's Hot & Sour Soup
White wine vinegar with bamboo shoots, wood ears, mushrooms, tofu, and egg.
Hot & Sour Chinese Soup
Mushrooms, soy, bean curd, with chicken broth.
Hot & Sour Soup 1
Made with seaweed, bean curd, wood ear mushrooms, vinegar, ginger, and egg.
Hot & Sour Soup 6
Contains fungus, mushrooms, sherry, soy, vinegar, and Boston butt.
Hot and Sour Garlic Chive Soup with Tofu
Lists lovage, dulse, rice wine vinegar, cloud ear, and lettuce.
Hot and Sour Scallop Soup
Consists of bamboo shoots, mushrooms, cornstarch, egg, and vinegar in chicken broth.
Hot and Sour Soup
With snow peas, peppers, bouillon cubes, soy, and chicken.
Hot and Sour Soup
Non-traditional dish using tomato, mushroom, brown sugar, watercress, and barbeque sauce.
Hot and Sour Soup 3
Chinese mushrooms with soy, lime, chilis, and cilantro.
Hot and Sour Soup 4
Pork recipe with lilly buds, tree ears, mushrooms, tofu, egg, and vinegar.
Hot and Sour Soup with Chayote and Shrimp
Lists lemongrass, oyster sauce, allspice berries, mushroom, and cilantro.
Hot and Sour Soup With Tofu
Contains sweet red peppers, soy, snow peas, water chestnuts, onion, chicken and vegetable stock.
Hotsour Soup 28
With rice wine vinegar, bamboo shoots, egg, ginger, and cilantro.
Mandarin Hot & Sour Soup
Uses mushroom, ham, sugar, soy, and egg in a broth.
Nuri's Hot and Sour Soup
Combines cloud ears, golden needles, pork, sherry, soy, egg, and scallions.
Sizzling Rice Hot and Sour Soup
Black mushrooms, soy, chicken, vinegar, and egg in chicken broth.
Vegetarian Hot & Sour Soup
Consists of tree fungus, tiger lilies, mushrooms, bean curd, and egg, in vegetable broth.
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