This are is for the listing of pasta soups. Many soup recipes call for pasta; be sure and check other categories for the style you wish.

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Alphabet Noodle Soup
Calls for ground beef, vegetable juice, and beef broth. Yields four, from Recipe Source.
Alphabet Soup
Using carrots, cornstarch, rutabaga, chicken, and beef bouillons. Serving six, by Recipe Source.
Bean and Pasta Soup
Uses a Dutch oven and contains bacon, vegetables, and crushed red pepper.
Beef Pasta Soup
Combines stewed tomatoes, macaroni, flour, and beef stock.
Beefy Spaghetti Soup
Using mushrooms, tomato sauce, and beef stock. For the microwave. Makes four servings, from Recipe Source.
Domatosoupa Me Spaghetti
Vegetarian dish made with tinned tomatoes, celery, potato, and onion. By Recipe Source.
Gingered Soup and Pasta
Combines chicken broth with scallions and cilantro. Four servings, at Recipe Source.
Gingered Tomato Broth with Pappadam Noodles
Made with spinach, peanut oil, jalapeno peppers, and cilantro. Serving five, from Recipe Source.
Green on Green Pasta Soup
Requires leeks, cabbage, zucchini, fresh beans, and orzo. From Recipe Source.
Mamma's Stracciatelle With Tiny Meatballs
Uses chicken broth, pastina, ground beef, eggs, and parmesan. By Recipe Source.
Mushroom, Barley & Pasta Soup
Contains liquid smoke, tomatoes, parmesan, and garlic making four servings.
Pasta and Basil Soup
Using vermicelli, chicken or vegetable stock, herbs, and parmesan. Four servings, by Recipe Source.
Pasta and Bean Soup
Bell peppers, chick peas, kidney beans and cayenne pepper. Five servings, from Recipe Source.
Pasta and Chick Pea Soup - Weight Watchers
Canned tomatoes, garlic, onion, and macaroni. Serving two, at Recipe Source.
Pasta Chick Pea Soup
Crockpot dish that contains rotini, beef broth, and tomatoes.
Pasta E Fagioli
Uses macaroni, beans, tomatoes, and seasonings making nine quarts.
Pasta Fagioli
Italian style soup made from cannellini beans, tomatoes, celery, and seasonings. From All Recipes.
Pizza Soup I
Ingredients and toppings you'd expect to find but combined with beef stock. From All Recipes.
Ravioli Soup
Calls for beef broth, green beans, onions, and tomatoes. serving four, from Recipe Source.
Red Kidney Bean and Pasta Soup
Uses kidney beans, tomato puree, onion, and garlic. Serves two.
Spaghini Soup
Combines ground round, cabbage, kidney beans, and tomato. Twelve servings, from Recipe Source.
Vegetable And Pasta Soup
Vegan recipe using parsnips, cabbage, macaroni, and seasonings. Serves two to three.
Yia Yia Zmaragda's Rustic Pasta Soup with Beef or Veal Tongue
Recipe comes from the Greek mainland region of Thessaly and requires only a few ingredients.
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