Creamed - Using milk or cream as the base of the stock or broth in a soup or stew. This area is for the listing of sites discussing or having recipes pertaining to creamed potato soups or stews.
Best Cream of Potato Soup
Rich with vegetables and fully spiced.
Cheesy Potato Soup II
A simple, cheesy potato soup. This soup takes less than an hour to make.
Cream of Onion and Potato Soup
This is a creamy, rich soup that is pureed to be really thick.
Cream Of Potato Soup
This makes a full-flavored, hearty soup in about a half hour.
Cream of Potato Soup II
Makes eight to twelve servings.
Cream of Potato Soup III
Just thirty minutes from peeling the potatoes to serving the soup.
Moynihan Potato Dill Soup
A basic recipe that uses sour cream.
Potato Soup a la Inge
Calls for the use of heavy cream; makes four to five servings. Bacon Potato Soup
Simple microwave recipe making six servings. Baked Potato Soup
A simple recipe using sour cream, making eight servings. Baked Potato Soup
Recipe making two and one half quarts using cheese and sour cream. Baked Potato Soup II
Simple recipe making six servings. Barb's Potato Soup
Full recipe using noodles and heavey cream; makes six servings. Bennigan's Potato Soup
Recipe using ham and chicken base. Bernese Potato Soup
Full recipe making eight servings. Betty's Creamy Potato Soup - Produce Pete's
Simple basic recipe making four servings. Blackjack Steak House Potato Soup
Simple recipe for ten using ham base. Cathe's Potato Soup
Presents a basic easy recipe. Cream of Potato Soup
A simple recipe making two servings. Creamy Baked Potato Soup
A simple recipe making six servings. Creamy Potato Soup - Washington Post
A full recipe using chicken broth and heavey cream making four servings. Creamy Tater Soup
A simple low fat recipe using chicken stock and milk. Crock Pot Potato Soup
Basic simple recipe serving four. Golden Cream Potato Soup
Easy basic recipe using cheese. Instant Irish Cream of Potato Soup
Full vegetarian recipe making six servings. Potato Soup (Cream Style)
Full simple recipe serving six. Saffron Potato Onion Soup
Full simple recipe making use of heavey cream. Speedy Cream of Potato Soup
Simple recipe serving four using potato buds. Wisconsin Potato Cheese Soup
Full simple recipe using milk and chicken broth. Baked Potato Soup
Uses leftover baked potatoes to make four to six servings. Creamy Potato Soup
Made with bacon; serving four. Loaded Potato Soup
Thick, creamy, soup calling for the use of a microwave; makes eight servings. Old Fashioned Potato Soup
It is easy and the method can be applied to broccoli or cauliflower; serves six.
Top Secret Recipes: Cream of Sweet Potato Soup
Version of The Soup Nazi's; serving six to eight.
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