The potato (Solanum tuberosum) is a perennial plant of the Solanaceae, or nightshade, family, grown for its starchy tuber. Potatoes form the world's most important non-cereal crop, and grow world-wide. Growers cultivate thousands of different varieties of potato. Soups that contain potatoes as their main ingredient.

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Bacon and Potato Soup
Calls for bacon and chicken broth making five cups of soup.
Baked Potato Soup
Calls for onion, chicken broth, potato flakes, and Colby cheese. Serves six.
Baked Potato Soup
Combines garlic, chicken broth, and Cheddar cheese.
Baked Potato Soup
Fast and easy recipe making four to six servings.
Cheese Potato Soup
Made with onion, cheese whiz, and milk. Serves six.
Cutlass Potato Soup
Calls for bacon, carrot, onion, cornstarch and celery. Serves eight.
Easy Potato Soup
Contains onion, carrot, dill weed, and potato flakes.
Fat Man's Potato Soup
Uses heavy cream, chicken broth, leeks, and muenster cheese.
Georgian Potato Soup
Calls for chicken stock, scallions, apple sauce, and cottage cheese.
German Potato Soup
Made with bacon, leek, carrots, cabbage, beef broth, and caraway seed.
Green Mountain Potato Chowder
Calls for beef broth, Maine potatoes, and leeks.
Grilled Sausage and Potato Soup
Combines sausage, red potatoes, and white wine.
Hardy Potato Soup
Calls for sausage and onions.
Hearty Potato and Vegetable Soup
Uses carrots, celery, and milk.
Indian Potato Stew Recipe
Contains coconut milk, curry leaves, and jalapeƱo peppers. Serves four.
Potato and Mushroom Chowder
Combines mushrooms, celery, carrots, and parmesan cheese.
Potato and Rice Soup
Uses chicken broth, Arborio rice, and parmesan cheese.
Potato and Spinach Soup
Calls for spinach, onions, and evaporated milk.
Potato Bean Soup
Contains chicken broth, dill, sour cream, and cannellini beans.
Potato Broccoli Soup
Uses bacon, chicken bouillon cubes, curry, and broccoli.
Potato Cheese Soup
Calls for Velveeta cheese and chicken broth.
Potato Cheese Soup
Made with potatoes, celery, onion, and carrot in a creamy broth, then topped with 2 cheeses and bacon.
Potato Leek Soup
Calls for leeks, onions, and chicken broth. Serves seven.
Potato Mushroom Soup with Apple
Calls for mushrooms, vegetable stock, and an apple.
Potato Parsley Bisque
Uses almonds, vegetable stock, red potatoes, and leeks.
Potato Sorrel Soup
Calls for leeks, sorrel leaves, and red potatoes.
Potato Soup
Made with sausage links, celery, onion, and cheese whiz.
Potato Soup with Butter Dumplings
Calls for flour, eggs, onions, and celery.
Potato Soup with Green Chiles
Combines chicken broth, cumin, garlic, and roasted green chiles. Serves four.
Potato Soup X
Four serving recipe using flakes, milk, and vegetable.
Potato Vegetable Chowder
Combines vegetable broth, tomato juice, tomatoes, carrots, green beans, and zucchini.
Quick Creamy Potato Soup
Combines bacon, onion, cream of chicken soup, and milk.
Roasted Garlic Potato Soup
Made with bacon, onion, carrots, and chicken broth.
Spicy Potato Soup
Calls for leeks, cumin, and Anaheim peppers.
Spring Green Potato Soup
Combines safflower oil, a sweet potato, and chicken stock.
Tex Mex Potato Soup
Combines green and red bell peppers, ham, green chile peppers, cayenne pepper, and Cheddar cheese.
Two Potato Soup
Calls for chicken stock, sweet potatoes, and curry.
Washington Chowder
Uses onion, tomatoes, and corn.
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