Chilled fruit soups and stew recipes.

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Apple Raisin Soup
Contains brown sugar, cinnamon, and brandy.
Apricot Pear Soup
Uses canned fruit, Grand Marnier, yogurt, cloves, and cinnamon.
Caribbean Papaya Orange Soup
Chicken broth with orange juice, almond, and coconut.
Cherry Soup
Claret wine with cinnamon, lemon, cornstarch, and egg yolk.
Chilled Fruit Soup
Uses prunes, dried apricots, raisins, tapioca, apples, and lemon with Sauterne wine.
Chilled Fruit Soup With Spiked Nuts
Made with champagne, vodka, watermelon, cantaloupe, and tequila.
Chilled Lemon Soup
Vegetable stock with chives and dry cider.
Chilled Minted Melon Soup
Combines milk, lime, and honeydew.
Chilled Pear Soup
Brown rice syrup mixed with ginger, anise extract, and mint.
Cinnamon Peach Soup
Allspice berries, cloves, orange juice, honey, ginger, combined with yogurt.
Cold Cherry Soup
Heavy cream and red wine with cornstarch.
Cold Cherry Soup
Sour cream with lemon juice, cornstarch, and sugar.
Cold Cherry Soup #1
Made with wine vinegar, cinnamon, and heavy cream.
Cold Cherry Soup #2
Uses orange zest, cream, and wine.
Cold Cherry Soup - Meggy Leves
Combines lemon, cornstarch, sugar, and sour cream.
Cold Lemon Soup with Zucchini
Chick broth based recipe using eggs.
Cold Melon Soup
Honeydew with orange juice, honey, and whipping cream.
Cold Peach Strawberry Soup
Fresh ingredients with sugar and lemon juice.
Cold Plum Soup
Heavy cream with red wine, brandy, lemon juice, sugar, and cinnamon.
Cool Cherry Soup
Fruity white wine with sour cream and brandy.
Curried Apple Soup
Combines chicken stock, lemon, cream, and ginger.
Do-it-yourself Soused Peach Soup
Recipe using liqueurs, heavy cream, sugar, and cookies.
Double Melon Soup
Uses cantaloupe, honeydew, sherry, lemon and orange juice.
Fresh Fruit Soup
Apple juice concentrate mixed with peaches, canteloupe, strawberries, lemon, and lime in yogurt.
Fresh Fruit Soup
Rose wine with cranberry juice, cornstarch, and sugar.
Fruit and Rum Soup
Made with papayas, pineapple, and strawberries.
Fruit Soup
Made with pineapple juice, strawberries, peaches, and tapioca.
Fruit Soup
Includes instant tapioca and frozen orange concentrate.
Fruit Soup II
Lists raspberries, pineapple juice, sour cream, and chicken broth.
Greenbirar Peach Soup
Contains sour cream, pineapple, orange, and lemon juices.
Jellied Fruit Soup
Lemon gelatin mixed with pineapple and juice.
Lemon Bisque
Gelatin with juice, sugar, condensed milk, and butter.
Norwegian Blueberry Soup
Unflavored gelatin with orange and lemon juices.
Pineapple Salsa Soup
Calling for cucumbers, scallions, jalapeno and bell peppers.
Sour Cherry
Lists red wine, flour, cinnamon, and heavy cream.
Sour-Cherry Soup, Hungarian Style
Contains sour cream, confectioners and granulated sugar.
Spiced Red Wine Fruit Soup with Candied Orange
Complex recipe using a variety of ingredients.
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