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Alsatian Roast Goose
Roasted with apples, carrots, and pears.
Basic Roast Goose
Basted with an orange juice and honey mixture.
Canadian Goose Recipe with Apples
Roasted with apple, celery, and onion.
Dave's Smoked Goose
Stuff with apples, oranges, and onions.
Fruit-Stuffed Wild Goose
The bird is stuffed with apples and apricots.
Gala Goose
Seasoned with carrots, onions, celery, and parsley.
Glace Goose
Basted with an apple cider and grape jelly mixture.
Golden Goose
Serve goose with rice or new potatoes.
Goose and Kraut
The goose is roasted and then the meat is removed to simmer with sauerkraut, applesauce, potatoes and brown sugar in a slow cooker.
Goose Breast
This goose breast recipe is cooked in the pressure cooker with oranges, lemons, and orange juice.
Goose Casserole
Made with goose breast and long grain wild rice.
Goose In Gravy Sauce
Features a sweet sauce made with brown sugar, white sugar, and orange juice.
Goose Recipes
Includes a BBQ goose breast sandwich and baked goose.
Goose with Sour Cream and Mushrooms
The goose is roasted then served with the gravy.
Holiday Goose Recipes - from Spike & Jamie
Collection includes Chinese Honey Goose, Goose Burgers, and Wild Goose Gumbo.
How To Roast A Goose by Gourmetsleuth
Illustrated guide includes a roasting timetable.
Medieval Goose
An English recipe from the fourteenth century.
Michaelmas Goose
Recipe from Chef Darina Allen of Ballymaloe Cooking School.
RecipeSource: Goose Recipes
Includes Quebec-Style Roast Goose, Wild Goose A L'orange, and Colonial Goose.
Roast Goose
Classic recipe from The Inglenook Cook Book (1906).
Roast Goose Recipe with Fruited Stuffing
Goose is stuffed with a fruited bread stuffing with raisins, pecans, and apples.
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