Sites found in this category offer recipes for babies or information on which foods to give to baby. The subcategory Preparation and Storage offers information and advice on handling or storing food for young children.

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About: Baby Food Tips and Hints - Do's
Recipes and article discussing equipment and safety issues in making baby food.
Andres' Homemade Baby Food
Features recipes by a stay-at-home father.
Baby Food
A selection of recipes from infancy to 12 months.
Baby Food 101
Includes a food database with indicators such as when baby can eat it, how to store and simple recipes. Also includes a list of things to avoid.
The Baby Food Recipes
Recipes for babies aged 6 months and older.
Baby Food Recipes
Organized by food type and age range.
Earth's Best Guides and Tools
Includes a printable schedule for the introduction of new and different foods, feeding tips and nutrition guides.
Great Recipes for Kids
Food for babies and toddlers.
Homemade Baby Food Recipes
Guide to solid feeding during baby's first year, including allergy information, preparation tips and age-appropriate recipes. Babyfood Recipes
Indian baby food recipes.
Momtastic: Wholesome Baby Food
Guide to cooking methods, food introduction, recipes, nutrition and tips.
Paula Burch's Baby Food Cookbook
Recipes and tips on introducing solid foods to babies.
Recipe Goldmine: Baby Food Recipes
Recipes, baby food tips, safety guidelines.
RecipeSource: Baby Food Recipes
Recipes for various kinds of purees, main dishes, and egg recipes, plus one for Zwieback crackers.
The Vegetarian Resource Group: Wholesome Baby Foods From Scratch
Detailed guidelines on cooking methods, serving and storage, what to serve, and vegetarian recipes.
Waleg: Archive - Baby Food Recipes
Recipes of several main courses, a yoghurt mix and desserts.

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