Tilapia - Any of various cichlid fishes of the genus Tilapia, native to Africa but introduced elsewhere as a valuable food fish.
Alfredo Shrimp Tilapia
Tilapia fillets are baked then topped with alfredo sauce, sauteed red peppers, and garlic cooked shrimp.
Basil Baked Tilapia
Flounder can be used in this recipe instead of tilapia.
Brown Sugar Glazed Fish
This glazed tilapia recipe is quick and easy.
Cilantro Tilapia
Fillets are baked with Cajun seasoning.
Couscous Encrusted Tilapia
Baked with sun-dried tomatoes, roasted red peppers, green olives, and toasted pine nuts.
Crispy Tilapia
Dip in an egg and buttermilk mixture, then flour and cornmeal and fry.
Ginger Soy Tilapia
The fish is baked underneath aluminum foil to keep the steam of the fish in, keeping it moist.
Golden Fire Tilapia
Fillets are cooked in a sauce of orange juice, white wine, kumquats, and jalapenos.
Lemon Crumb Tilapia
The fish fillets are flavored with lemon juice and parmesan cheese.
MaMa's Supper Club Tilapia Parmesan
Offers a photo and reader reviews.
Pan Fried Tilapia
Served with a sauce of Miracle Whip, sweet relish, and lemon juice.
Raspberry Tilapia
Tilapia baked in a raspberry vinegar and honey sauce.
Southwest Style Tilapia
Fillets are coated with a mixture of Parmesan cheese, cornmeal, flour, paprika, pepper, and salt, and then baked.
Tilapia a la Portuguesa
Colorful recipe baked with tomatoes, onions, garlic, sweet peppers, olive oil, and Chardonnay wine.
Tilapia al Ajillo
Simple recipe flavoring the fish with garlic, olive oil, lemons, and parsley.
Tilapia Bake
Made with garlic, tomatoes, green olives, and red onions.
Tilapia Casserole
Simple recipe with tilapia fillets, cream of shrimp soup, Ritz crackers, and margarine.
Tilapia Crusted With Almonds
Includes a photo and reader reviews.
Tilapia Recipes
Recipes include baked, broiled, and grilled tilapia.
Tilapia Recipes
Offers several recipes including Blackened Tilapia, Tilapia In Beer Batter, and Tilapia Parmesan Saute.
Tilapia Recipes
Recipe collection presented by the American Tilapia Association.
Veracruz Style Tilapia
Can be made with red snapper fillets.
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