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This category lists sites that contain repositories of cocktail and mixed drink recipes.

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3 Guys From Miami
Recipes for popular Cuban beverages.
Database of drink recipes, searchable by ingredients. Recipes can be displayed using imperial or metric units.
Large indexed collection of mixed drinks along with bar reviews and drinking games.
Cocktail collection categorized by main alcohol type. Additionally, site contains several collections of recipes in other languages.
Recipes for Brazilian batidas, a type of tropical fruit cocktail made from a mix of fresh fruit juice and cachaça.
Bella Online Cocktails
Selection of recipes including photos and comprehensive articles about making the drinks.
User submitted drink recipes and cocktail recipes.
Cocktail Builder
Interactive site returns cocktail recipes based on a given set of ingredients. Search by cocktail name or ingredients.
The Cocktail Chronicles: Drinks Index
Presents a list of recipes in alphabetical order.
Cocktail DB
Easy cocktail recipes.
A Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipes, bartending advice, bar tools explained, blog posts.
cocktail uk
Classic cocktails and drink recipes. Contains bartending advice, cocktail photos and an equipment shop.
Information about cocktails, spirits, wine and beer.
Cocktails and Mixed Drinks
Selection of mixed drinks. The rest of the site is in Finnish.
Cocktails and Shots
Mixed drinks recipe database. Photos and videos of cocktails, cocktail information.
Cocktails Recipes
Popular mixed drinks, easy recipes and classic cocktails recipes.
Desktop Bartender
Recipes indexed by category, liquor, and drink name.
A collection of recipes with search and browse functionality.
Drink With Jim
Collection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic recipes. Recipes are organized by main ingredient and glass type and there are holiday drink lists.
Large collection of recipes indexed by name. Includes information on liquors, bar tools and links to cocktail books and resources.
Directions for making some of the most popular cocktails and drinks.
Mixed drinks and cocktail recipe collection with pictures of ingredients. Searchable by ingredient.
Drink recipes searchable by ingredient, initial and category. Also offers forums and drinking games.
Everyday Drinkers
Derrick Schommer and guests explain how the common man can make superior cocktail recipes.
Flora's Drink Hideout
Mixed drinks, shooters, and recipes indexed by name and by main ingredient.
Good Cocktails
Collection of mixed drink recipes, discussion forums and bartending information.
Hot Smoke BBQ: Hot Smokin' Cocktails
Provides a selection of simple recipes.
HowSet: Alcoholic Cocktails: Lessons
Step by step photo cookbook.
In Good Spirits
Cocktail recipes for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from Fine Cooking magazine. Drink history, notes and pictures for each recipe.
Kindred Cocktails
Craft cocktail recipe database for enthusiasts and professionals. Share or submit new recipes. Rate and keep notes.
Articles about spirits and cocktails. Cocktail Recipes, liquor reviews, bar reviews.
Make me a Cocktail
An online resource and collection of cocktail recipes, ingredients and techniques. Sortable by what ingredients are at hand.
Michelada Recipes
This site contains a collection of michelada recipes.
Mix N Sip
A searchable list of cocktail recipes, with specific focus on skinny cocktails.
My Best Cocktails
Cocktail blog. Pictures, recipes. Search and voting features.
Over the Hill and on a Roll: Cocktails
A food blog with the author's ideas for improving recipes.
Perfect Cocktail Recipes
Cocktail recipes, descriptions of various ingredients. Has option for both English and Bulgarian translations.
Pink Drink
Pink-colored and X-rated drink recipes.
Collection of liqueurs, mixed drinks, pousse-cafés, shooters apéritifs, and other alcohol based recipes.
Cocktail recipes, UK bar reviews, bartender interviews. Cocktail searchable by ingredient or name.
Drink recipes organized by name, color, glass type and popularity.
The Spruce: Cocktails
Features articles and recipes.
Drink recipes from the Pravda restaurant in New York City's SOHO district.
Takeuchi's Homebar
Large listing of original cocktails, many with photos. Listed by main ingredient.
Tipsy Bartender
Drinking enthusiast site featuring recipes, videos, and stories of gourmet cocktail creations.
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