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AllRecipes: Halloween Cookie Recipes
Suggestions for making sweet treats such as bats, pumpkins, witches fingers, and cobweb and spiders.
Basic Cookie Dough Recipe
A basic cookie dough recipe ideal for using Halloween shapes.
Black Cat Cookies
A recipe originally created for children to use. Uses chocolate peppermint wafers and chocolate chips to help form the cat.
Cobweb Cookies
Easy cookie recipe made from a batter and fried.
Creepy Green Witch's Fingers with Almond Nails
Fun and spooky green witch's finger cookies with 'bleeding' nails using whole almonds.
Culinary Café: Jumbo Pumpkin Cookies
Makes two very large cookies using mashed cooked pumpkin.
Easy Halloween Cookies
Simple recipe relying upon Ritz crackers, white chocolate chips, peanut butter, orange sprinkles, shortening.
Edible Spiders
A no-bake cookie recipe using marshmallows and chocolate to make spiders.
Eye of Newt Cookies
Fun Halloween cookie recipe using Trix cereal as the eyeballs.
Ginger Pumpkin Face Cookies
Halloween cookies using candy corn to decorate.
Halloween Cookies
Gives detailed instructions on making cookies shaped like a cat, pumpkin, owl on a branch, moon, using commercially prepared, refrigerated cookie dough and prepared frosting.
Halloween Eyeball Cookies Recipe
No-cook recipe for making Eyeball Cookies for Halloween.
Halloween Ghost Cookies
Very quick recipe that uses Nutty butter cookies, white frosting and M&M's.
Halloween Thumbprint Cookies
Make-from-scratch cookies with instructions on making them look like pumpkins or ghosts.
Hershey's Eerie Eyeball Cookies
From Hershey', how to make cookies that look like eyeballs.
Yummy Mummy Cookies
How to shape and make mummy cookies with Hershey's white and dark chocolate to coat.
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