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Abby's Easy Candy Recipes
Includes fudge, divinity, hard candy, popcorn balls, pecan pralines.
Better Homes and Gardens: Candy Recipes
Collection of candy recipes including Double-Dipped Caramels and Sugared Candy Fruits.
Candy Making
Tips and vintage recipes, including fudge, caramels, fondants, Turkish delight, and nougats.
Candy Recipes from Hugs's Homeheart
Recipes for chocolate coconut candy, chocolate coconut cherry fudge, nut bark, truffles, and rum raisin fudge.
Chocolate Clay Roses
Recipe and detailed instructions for creating edible chocolate roses for use in cake decorating and other projects.
Dad's Candy Recipes
A variety of candy recipes made with almonds or marshmallows.
Euphoria Chocolate Company
Chocolate tempering instructions and recipes for cookies, cupcakes, blondies, bars, pie fillings, and brownies.
LoveToKnow: Candy Recipes
Old-fashioned recipes for nougatines, butterscotch, bonbons, pralines, fondants, Turkish paste, toffee, taffee, caramels, fudge, brittle, and junket.
Master's Tech Candy Recipes
A collection of easy to make candy recipes including dietetic candy suggestions.
Recipe Goldmine
A collection of fudge, divinity, brittles, hard candy, pralines, and spirited confections indexed alphabetically.
RecipeSource: Candy Recipes
Large index of candy recipes from 14 Minute Maple Candy to yogurt-praline, including fudge, brittle, meringues, peanut butter carob balls, truffles, caramel, and marzipan.
Rock Candy
Combines sugar and water.
Thrifty Mom's Candy Recipes
A variety of candy recipes from Thrifty Mom's kitchen including Grandpa's Foolproof Fudge, Fancy Cream Truffles, and Microwaved Peanut Brittle.
What's Cooking America: Candy Recipes
A collection of recipes listed by category.
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