This category provides product and service information so that consumers can make informed purchasing decisions. It also provides information about service contracts, warranties, recalls, and other product or service information for consumers who already have made purchases.

Sites in this category are buyers' guides, decision guides, price comparisons, recall information, or tips and advice.

Sites which are primarily promotional in nature, and not significantly useful in making informed shopping choices, can be found in appropriate Business, Regional, or Shopping categories.

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Best Mattress Advice
Resourceful blog with articles and pages discussing various elements of shopping for mattresses, as well as how to approach the seasonal sales.
Best Mattress Reviews
Includes reviews of various brands, compares types, covers sizes, and speaks about remedies for sleeplessness.
Cheap Mattress Reviews
Contains reviews by type and brand.
Consumer Reports: Mattress Buying Advice
Features a video about selecting the proper mattress, and explains the difficulty in making comparisons between the brands and types.
The Full Story
Consumer experts give the following advice about purchasing a personalized mattress. Mattress Buying Guide
Reviews of some of the more popular mattress types and brands.
Provides a personal criteria quiz, a forum for discussion about specific questions, a store locator, and reviews.
How to Buy a Mattress
A buyer's guide to purchasing foam mattresses. Information on how to create your own sleep system less expensively from components.
Lists seven questions to ask before buying a latex mattress.
Mattress Information Guide
A mattress information guide including sections on construction, buying tips, health, back pain, memory foam.
Mattress Review Guru
Read reviews of all the top mattress brands including Tempurpedic, IntelliBED, Serta, Sealy.
The Mattress Scam
A guide focused on helping the consumer to avoid overpaying for a mattress and to be more informed so as not be taken advantage of by high-pressure sales tactics.
Mattress Size Comparison Guide
A consumer help guide for choosing an appropriate mattress size.
Provides information about the various mattress types, and the pros and cons of each one, as well as general articles about mattresses and sleep.
Memory Foam Mattress
Lists detailed information about the distinctive qualities and features of memory foam mattresses, and provides reviews of several memory foam mattress brands.
Natural Latex Mattress
A guide to help the consumer distinguish between natural latex mattresses and synthetic versions, and to compare and contrasts the two.
Orthopedic Mattress
An explanation of orthopedic mattresses and their benefits, along with reviews.
Sleep Like The Dead
Rates mattress types and brands based on over 15,020 actual owner experiences.
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