Websites detailing personal accounts of obesity surgery and its results.

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Adventures of Gastric Girl
A roux-en-y gastric bypass surgery patients' experiences and advice about life before and after surgery, including diet, exercise and maintaining a positive outlook on life.
Back Across The Line
A personal journey through weight loss surgery, diet, nutrition and mental health issues. The site also looks at information about the serious risks associated with obesity surgery.
Bari Bits: Reflections of a Weight Loss Surgery Patient
A blog following the self-reported weight loss surgery experiences of Traci, a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery patient, with a focus on post-surgery motivation, feelings and lifestyle.
Bariatric Girl
Yvonne, a long-term gastric bypass post-op, examines the positive aspects of weight loss surgery.
Brandy's Lap Band Journey
Includes pictures of her weight loss progression, details about how much and what she eats, as well as her struggles with plateaus.
Chris's Adjustable Laparoscopic Gastric Band Blog
The personal weight loss surgery blog of Chris, an orthopedic surgeon and lap band patient. Includes information about all aspects of his post-surgery lifestyle with a focus on exercise.
Diminishing Dawn
A thirty-something Canadian woman's documentation of the process of getting approved under the Canadian health plan for weight loss surgery, and her post-op experiences.
Donna Weight Loss Surgery Fund
Diary of Donna and her experiences as she prepares for weight loss surgery.
Fatty Fights Back
The author chronicles her weight loss struggles and her personal victories after losing weight with the help of adjustable gastric banding. Includes before and after pictures.
Gastric Bypass
A narrative on a gastric bypass journey, going through the decision, pre and post operative issues and then tracking months after surgery.
Gastric Bypass Information, Recipes, and Support Page
Offers surgery types, recipes for gastric bypass patients, and before and after pictures.
Hot Fat 4 Sale
A woman chronicles her RNY surgery and eating disorder treatment over the course of three years.
Journey to a New Me
The blog of a roux-en-y gastric bypass surgery patient, including her surgery, diet, exercise, relationship and medical follow-up experiences and advice.
Less of Me and More of Life
A woman from New Zealand discusses both the physical and emotional aspects of her weight loss surgery.
Lose Weight Find Life
The experiences of a RNY laparoscopic gastric bypass patient and weight loss coach, including her story, motivational tips and post-surgery diet information.
Melting Mama
A blog about life after weight loss surgery. Includes recipes and reviews of products for post-ops.
Mr. Mom's Second Chance
Story of 500 pound Mr. Mom, Steve Colarossi, who has laparoscopic Roux-en-y (RNY) with Dr. Ralph Crum at Norwalk Hospital; drops 224 pounds in 8 months after gastric bypass.
Pam's Weight Loss Surgery
One woman's journey into the land of weight loss surgery. Includes before and after photos and information regarding life after surgery.
Prof Lisa Says
A blog about losing weight with RNY and healing after years of suffering from a severe binge eating disorder, morbid obesity and depression.
Read This Sign
A blog about the turmoil that sometimes accompanies massive weight loss. Includes before and after pictures.
Reflections of a Wife, Mom and Weight Loss Surgery Patient
A blog about the author's experiences, including pregnancy and child-raising, being a wife, working and the role that faith has played.
Sherri's Lap-Band Page
Contains the author's before and after pictures, her surgery story including doctor information, progress, and information on Gastroenteritis and the band.
Shrinking Susy
Includes before, during and after pictures, monthly weight loss charting and details about life as a post-op.
The Weight Is Almost Over
A woman blogs about trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and learning to have fun after surgery.
Who Hid the Donuts?
A humorous blog about a woman in her early 40s losing weight with gastric banding.
The World According to Eggface
A blog about the author's weight loss surgery, plastic surgery and gastric bypass-friendly recipes she's collected and developed.
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