Resources that provide significant description or analysis of tobacco history.

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The Anti-Tobacco Campaign of the Nazis
Report about anti-tobacco public health program in Germany from 1933-45, supported by Nazi medical and military leaders as part of their concern for racial and bodily purity.
Breed's Collection of Tobacco History Sites
A history of tobacco and tobacco control, with bibliography and links to related sites on its history, impact in literature and popular media, old advertisements, and similar items.
Cigarettes and the 1964 Report of the Surgeon General's Advisory Committee
From the 1972 Consumers Union report on licit and illicit drugs.
George Seldes on Tobacco
The scientific studies on the health effects of tobacco go back to 1938, but few papers were running stories about it: their leading advertisers were the tobacco companies. George Seldes (1890-1995) was an exception; a set of his tobacco stories from 1940 to 1950 is reprinted here.
History Net- The History of Tobacco
Reprinting of the Tobacco Timeline.
History of Tobacco Regulation
From the Schaffer Library of Drug Policy; covers the 1600s through the mid 1970s.
The Price of Coffins: Specious Arguments by Eeminent Doctors against the Dangers of Tobacco
Letter to the British medical Journal reviews some tobacco, medical, and public policy history: "good evidence showed that smoking causes lung cancer; the media's response to this information was initially resistant; specious arguments were used to detract from the real issue, which confused the general public and lessened its concern; after 40 years there has been little change in smoking rates."
The Quiet Victory of the Cigarette Lobby
Article originally published in 1965 in the Atlantic Monthly looks at the tobacco industry's power in Congress.
smoking and Disease: The Tobacco Industry's Earliest Responses
Chapter from a book on the Brown and Williamson papers documents how the tobacco industry responded in the 1950s and 1960s to the emerging medical evidence about the product.
Tobacco Ads of the 1940s and 1950s
A growing collection of pre-1960's print tobacco marketing.
Tobacco History
Collection of links to histories.
Tobacco War: Inside the California Battles
Book on the California tobacco history from the 1970s on. book information, reviews, ordering information.
Tobacco War: Inside the California Battles
Complete, online book by Glantz and Birnbach provides over 30 years of experience gained in tobacco control in California.
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