All India Institute of Speech and Hearing
Provides professional training, clinical services, conducts research and educates the public on issues related to communication disorders.
American Hearing Research Foundation
Organization set up to fund research projects related to hearing and balance disorders and to help educate the public. Includes factsheets on a range of disorders and information on how to apply for grants.
Audiology and Deafness Research Group
At the University of Manchester. Undertakes research that provides direct benefit to people who have a hearing dysfunction and delivers improved services in health care and education for adults and children with a hearing loss.
The Bionic Ear Institute
Undertakes medical bionics research, working to improve communication for people with hearing loss by improving the interface between the world of sound and the central auditory nervous system.
Boys Town National Research Hospital
Research in the clinical and behavioral labs is focused on physical acoustics, psychoacoustics, hearing, language development, speech production, auditory perception and cochlear implants.
Boys Town National Research Hospital: Vestibular Genetics
Undertakes research to uncover the genetic, molecular and cellular mechanisms of the vestibular/balance system.
Callier Center at UT Dallas: Research
Undertaking research into the causes, prevention, assessment and treatment of communication disorders.
Part of Boston University. Offers a web-based resource that combines on-line computational models with a data warehouse.
Human Auditory Physiology Laboratory
Investigates physiological measurement techniques for the identification and assessment of hearing impairment in infants and young children. Includes clinical applications, and a description of auditory evoked potentials.
John Hopkins University: Center for Hearing and Balance
Research is centered on auditory and vestibular function in both normal subjects and in patients with hearing or balance disorders.
Laboratory for Experimental Audiology
At the University Hospital and University of Zurich. Investigating the functional properties of the auditory system, treating hearing impairment through the use of digital hearing instruments and microelectronic implantable auditory prostheses.
LSUHSC School of Medicine: Kresge Hearing Research Laboratory
Research areas include brainstem and inner ear interactions, the genetic basis of deafness and the causes of syndromic and non-syndromic forms of hearing loss.
MRC Institute of Hearing Research
Unit within the Medical Research Council. It conducts research into hearing and hearing disorders and aims to translate the results into clinical practice.
Musica Humana Research
Provides information on an international research project to develop specially composed music for the therapy and treatment of hospital patients. Includes articles on various applications in the hospital environment and research publications.
National Acoustic Laboratories
NAL is a research division of Australian Hearing, and undertakes scientific investigations into hearing. Includes information on research projects, publications, products and tools.
Newport-Mesa Audiology & Ear Institute, Inc.
Provides research and applied care in the fields of Hearing, Dizziness, and Balance.
Northwestern University: Adult Hearing Loss Laboratory
Research is focused on personality and socio-demographic factors influencing adjustment to hearing loss among older people.
THRC - Tübingen Hearing Research Center
Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery with research and applied development in the fields of normal and diseased hearing, equilibrium, smelling and taste.
UBC School of Audiology and Speech Sciences: Research
Provides details of the research programs being undertaken.
UCL Ear Institute
Undertakes interdisciplinary studies aimed at understanding the genetic basis of deafness, the development of the inner ear, the regeneration of auditory hair cells and many other related topics.
University College London: Centre for Auditory Research
Provides details of staff and projects, and includes the "Rock Around the Clock Hair Cell Video".
University of Cambridge: Auditory Perception Group
Includes details of the members of the group with research interests and publications.
University of Western Ontario: National Centre for Audiology
Research is focused on pediatric diagnostics, amplification and rehabilitation, adult aural rehabilitation, acoustic signal processing, speech communication and hearing science.
Washington University School of Medicine: Dickman Lab
Applies cellular, physiological and behavioral methods to investigate vestibular systems.
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