This category presents personal pages for and about premature babies.
Amy's Fan Club
Born 13 weeks prematurely weighing 2lbs 2oz. Regularly updated journal with pictures and video.
Includes a journal and pictures of Archie's first year after being born at 25 weeks and 4 days weighing 800 grams.
Ayden and Zac
Twin boys born at 28 weeks.
The Beighley's
Timothy, born 3 months prematurely with several problems including cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus.
Born on the 30th November
Weblog introducing Zoe who was born 12 weeks early, with pictures and audio.
Catherine's Survival Page
Born at 27 weeks weighing 2lb 2oz due to a damaged placenta causing oligohydramnios (low fluid).
Corey's Website
Born at 25 weeks 5 days due to Intra Uterine Growth Retardation (IUGR). Contains pictures, updates and information.
Francesco Ugo Locatelli
Contains the story and pictures of Francesco after he was born 15 weeks early at a weight of 1000 grams.
Groenheide Family
Journal with pictures of Becky who was three months premature and weighed 2lb 8oz.
Jordan's Preemie Page
Born weighing 1lb 9oz Jordan spent 3 1/2 months in the NICU. Pictures, story and information on some of the problems he faced.
Joshua's Courageous Fight to Breath
The story of a boy who suffered complications relating to intubation.
Julian's Story
The account of Julian's birth at 30 weeks and pictures from his first two years.
Kayleah's Korner
Story and pictures of former 23 weeker, Kayleah Blake Fontenot, whose early birth was attributed to an incompetent cervix.
Life with Triplets Plus One
The journal with pictures of a family raising premature triplets and their brother.
Micro Preemie Twins: The Story of Holland & Eden
Journal and pictures following the twins from birth.
Nathan Windisch
Detailed diary and pictures of Nathan's birth and first three years.
Official Lil'Ribbit Homepage
The story of Nicole Gregory, a premature baby who died from complications. Contains Nicole's journal and photographs.
Our Two Miracles
Stories and pictures of the Rogodzinski twins, Jordan and Jeremy.
A Preemie Named Nicholas.
Nicholas' story of being born eight weeks premature. Includes NICU journal, photos and updates.
The story and photographs of an 11 week premature baby, his NICU journey and more recent updates.
The Story of a Premature Birth.
Contains the journal of Daniel's time in NICU with pictures and updates.
Tommy's Preemie Web.
Over ten years of stories, photographs and video of Thomas Clark King following his birth 15 weeks early.
Birth story and pictures from the first three years.
Williams Miracle Preemie Page
Born at 22 weeks weighing 1lb 4oz this is William's story and pictures.

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