Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a combination of mental and physical disabilities present at birth due to the consumption of alcohol during pregnancy.
Active Learning: Bridging the Gap for Fetal Alcohol Effect Children
Article by Debbie Evensen, discussing concerns about the educational implication of teaching prenatally alcohol/drug exposed children.
Fact Sheet - Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
A list of causes, and recommendations on how to handle alcohol and pregnancy.
FAS - State of Alaska DHSS Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Website
Provides screening and assessment, resource materials, and information on support groups in the Alaska area.
FAS Community Resource Center
A collection of articles discussing this diagnosis.
A Consultation, Education and Training Service located in Portland, Oregon.
FASD Trust
Information on fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, living with it and caring for those affected by it, as well as how to prevent it.
FASlink - Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Link for Information and Support
A comprehensive list of possible damage done by alcohol use, a brain image, and additional statistical information.
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Resources for information.
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
A review of contemporary research, by Anuppa Caleekal, with implications for alcohol and prenatal education.
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Statistics and other information on fetal alcohol syndrome and how it can be reduced.
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Diagnostic and Prevention Network
Located in Seattle, WA., this organization diagnosis and works with children diagnosed with this disorder.
Mayo Clinic: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
A description of the syndrome and how to avoid it.
National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Dedicated to eliminating birth defects caused by alcohol consumption during pregnancy and improving the quality of life for those individuals and families affected.
A Preventable Tragedy
Information about FASworld, a world wide self help group dedicated to raising awareness for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Links and a support group available.
Texas Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Consortium
Dedicated to prevention, education, and support.
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