This category is for childbirth topics relating to birthing at home only. The parent Childbirth category is about childbirth health issues which means this category should contain health related websites. That could encompass topics such as benefits of homebirth, homebirth statistics, risk factors, stories containing health information, homebirth midwifery, etc. This category also will be heavily weighted in favor of assisted homebirth (birth assisted by a health professional). Unassisted homebirth information needs to be submitted to the Childbirth/Unassisted Birth subcategory.
Bad Medicine: AMA Seeks To Outlaw Home Births
In an unmistakably insecure and aggressive move, the American Medical Association (AMA) adopted a resolution at its annual meeting last weekend to introduce legislation outlawing home birth.
Citizens for Midwifery Home Birth Fact Sheet
Gives empirical evidence for the safety of a planned home birth with a qualified midwife, as well as outlining the benefits. [PDF]
Considering a Home Birth
This article gives a brief overview of considerations, including emergencies and preparation.
Home Birth Reference Page
Contains summaries of research, references, links, and recommended books.
Home versus hospital deliveries: follow up study of matched pairs for procedures and outcome
This is a published study in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) which examines and compares the outcomes of planned home births versus planned hospital births.
Homebirth - Safety and Benefits
Collection of articles and source material about homebirth.
Homebirth Birth Stories
Provides stories from around the world, including accounts of twins and water births.
Homebirth: A midwife Mutiny
Homebirth information, opinion and discussion with British-Australian Independent Midwife. Includes videos, photos and journals of women achieving a natural birth.
Indie Birth
Magazine about natural parenting topics.
Planned Home Birth
This BabyCenter article covers multiple topics on home birth including safety, cost, and finding an attendant.
Siblings and the Homebirth Setting
Article discussing the advantages and problems of having siblings present for a home birth, including guidelines, experiences, and study references.
StorkNet Birth Stories
Several stories from home birth moms and their families.
Has a top 10 list of reasons to birth at home. Also has information on unassisted miscarriage and contains book reviews and book ordering information.
Science-Based Medicine: The Tragic Death Toll of Homebirth
Article by an obstetrician gynecologist looking at mortality statistics for homebirth in the USA. (November 05, 2009)
Safety Of Home Birth (McMaster Study)
Article by Stephanie Brunner in Medical News Today, summarizing the research. (September 23, 2009)
Home Birth—Why It's Necessary
Article by the midwife Ina May Gaskin. [RSS] (January 14, 2007)
Outcomes of planned home births with certified professional midwives: large prospective study in North America
British Medical Journal research paper evaluating the safety of home births in involving direct entry (non-nurse) midwives. (June 18, 2005)
The influence of birth experience on postpartum depression: a follow-up study
This is a follow-up study published on the MWSU NURC (Missouri Western State University National Undergraduate Research Clearinghouse) website of the incidence and severity of postpartum depression comparing home birth and hospital deliveries. (December 05, 1999)
The effect of birth experience on postpartum depression
This is a study on postpartum depression published on the MWSU NURC (Missouri Western State University National Undergraduate Research Clearinghouse) comparing the outcomes of women who have had home births to women who have had hospital deliveries. (December 03, 1998)
Home birth
An editorial in the British Medical Journal by Nachiel Springer and Chris Van Weel. (November 23, 1996)
Outcome of planned home and planned hospital births in low risk pregnancies: prospective study in midwifery practices in the Netherlands
This is a study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) which investigates the relation between home and hospital births and perinatal outcomes. (November 23, 1996)
Is Hospital Birth Better?
Essay commenting on the hospital treatment of women and newborns in the United States. (May 31, 1995)
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