Providers of infertility services located in the United Kingdom.

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Birmingham Women's NHS Trust ACU
The Assisted Conception Unit is based at Birmingham Women's Hospital and is the leading National centre of excellence for reproductive medicine.
Bourn Hall Clinic
Infertility treatment through assisted reproductive technology. Located in Bourn, Cambridgeshire.
The Bridge Centre
Based in London, provides investigation and treatment of infertility plus a wide range of gynaecological services. Includes cryogenic storage of sperm and embryos.
CREATE Fertility
Group of fertility clinics specializing in advanced fertility treatments, including Natural Cycle IVF, Mild IVF and In Vitro Maturation (IVM).
CRM London Fertility Center
An ISO certified IVF and Fertility Clinic offering treatments including IVF, ovulation stimulation, IUI, ICSI and TESA. Includes contact details, success rates and company information. Based in London.
Fertility Concerns
Consultation service on general fertility awareness issues, problems conceiving, pre-conception health, achieving and maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Based in Edinburgh.
The Hartlepool Vasectomy Reversal Clinic
Serves north and northeast England. Information on the procedure, FAQs, testimonials, map.
Herts and Essex Fertility Centre
Treatments, egg donation, success rates, tour, prices and contact.
Isis Fertlity Centre
Colchester based clinic offering range of diagnosis and treatments for infertility. Includes success rates, fees, news and details of events.
Jessop Assisted Conception Unit
Centre for Reproductive Medicine and Fertility in Sheffield, UK. Treats both NHS and self-funding patients.
The Lister Hospital Assisted Conception Unit
The Lister Hospital - Assisted Conception Unit, committed to excellence and quality in fertility treatment.
London Fertility Centre
Aims to provide caring and comprehensive treatment of both male and female infertility.
The London Women's Clinic
Specializing in assisted reproduction technologies such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), intra-uterine insemination (IUI), artificial and donor insemination, gamete intra-fallopian transfer (GIFT), pronuclear stage tubal transfer (PROST) and treatment of male infertility. Pricing information for IVF treatments and information on success rates. Located in London.
Making Babies
Dian Shepperson Mills is a nutritionist specialising in fertility. Based in London and Sussex.
Midland Fertility Services
Based in Aldridge, near Birmingham ,UK. Provide the highest standards of service with the understanding and treatment of fertility problems.
Natural Fertility Centre
Offers therapies including reflexology, homeopathy and diet control to enhance fertility. Based in Canterbury, Kent.
Oakdin Vasectomy Reversal Clinic
Surgical clinic located in Essex. Contains FAQs and treatment information.
Origin Fertility Care
Clinic based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Site details treatments available, costs and statistics.
St. Jude's Clinic
Treats infertility and provides gynaecological and antenatal care. Based at St. Jude's Women's Hospital in Wolverhampton.
TCM Healthcare
Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic specialising in fertility. Based in Harley Street, London.
Wessex Fertility
IVF and fertility clinic in Hampshire offering a broad range of fertility and women’s health treatments.
The Woman's Natural Health Practice
Natural female healthcare practice providing obstetrics and gynaecology health services for women from adolescence to post-menopausein Harley Street, London, UK
Zhai Fertility Clinic
Specialist treatment for infertility using Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture in Harley Street, London with an established success record and reputation.
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