Sites related to organizations that focus primarily on providing emotional and/or spiritual healing after an abortion experience.

If abortion recovery is but one of many abortion alternative services offered, the site should be listed in Health: Reproductive Health: Clinics and Services: Abortion Alternative Services (for a ministry area of more than a locality) or in Health: Reproductive Health: Clinics and Services: Abortion Alternative Services: Regional (for a local-only ministry area).

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Abortion Hope: Living with the Choice
Montgomery, Alabama. Offers an eight week support group for women who have experienced abortion.
After Abortion Support
Provides support for women and families after an abortion. Interactive areas, such as message boards, email lists, stories, chats, surveys and healing articles
Elliot Institute
Information on the aftereffects of abortion and post-abortion healing, including research on post-abortion issues, resources, and testimonies.
Healing Hearts Ministries
Offers email and support group counseling to those suffering the effects of an abortion.
PATH : Post Abortion Treatment & Healing
A group specializing in the counseling of those who have suffered from abortion. Located in Atlanta, GA.
Post Abortion Help and Healing
Presents information, stories, and poems about the aftermath of the abortion experience, as well as links to helpful resources.
Post Abortion Stress Syndrome Support
Provides support, comfort and help to all women and their families after an abortion. Message boards, stories, chats, surveys and healing information available to help women cope with life after an abortion.
Project Rachel
Find healing, joy, forgiveness through Project Rachel's free, confidential counseling.
Rachel's Vineyard
Offers weekend retreats held across the United States for any woman or man who has struggled with the emotional and spiritual pain of an abortion.
Ramah International
Offers post-abortion resources, research and training programs.
Reveille Ministries
Offers professional counseling, and after-abortion recovery.
Victims of Choice
Educates as to the trauma of abortion, and assisting women victimized by an abortion procedure.
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