Health Public Health and Safety Policy and Regulation
Sites providing information on regulatory issues, compliance, clinical guidelines, and developments in health care services.

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Provides information about compliance with IEC 60601-1, the international product safety standard for electrical medical equipment, as well as the standard's national variants. Includes explanations and interpretations of requirements, links to other sites, and articles on related subjects.
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality - AHRQ
Provides practical health care information, research findings, and data to help consumers, health providers, health insurers, researchers, and policymakers make informed decisions about health care issues.
Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation
Provides multidisciplinary leadership and programs that enhance the ability of the professions, health care institutions, and industry to understand, develop, manage, and use medical instrumentation and related technologies safely and effectively.
Center for Advancement of Health
Translates to the public the latest evidence-based research on health, health care, prevention and chronic disease management, with an emphasis on how social, behavioral and economic factors affect illness and well-being.
Center for Law and the Public's Health
Information on the Center at Johns Hopkins and Georgetown Universities. Features resources on public health law, ethics, and policy for public health practitioners, lawyers, policy-makers, and scholars.
Provides publications, information, and consulting services internationally for healthcare technology assessment and cost effectiveness, risk and environmental management, and patient safety; classification guides, evaluation services, clinical alerts, data bases, and links to related sites.
Health Policy Institute of Ohio
An independent, nonpartisan, statewide center that informs Ohio health policy by forecasting health trends, analyzing key health issues, and communicating current research to policymakers, state agencies, and other decision makers.
Health Policy Monitor
Provides reports on health policy reforms from 15 industrialized countries to enhance global discussions on policy making; resources include current health policy ideas, approaches, model projects, and legislation.
International Association of Health Policy
International network of scholars, health workers and activists with the aim of promoting the scientific analysis of public health issues.
Medical Outcomes Trust
Dedicated to improving health and health care by promoting the science of outcomes measurement, and the development, evaluation and distribution of standardized, high quality instruments that measure health and the outcomes of medical care. Includes online publications.
MTO Negligence: Ontario, Canada
Describes how decisions resulting in revocation of driver's licenses are based on diagnosis of visual deficiency rather than ability to operate a motor vehicle safely. Provides advice and links to related web sites.
NCQA: National Committee for Quality Assurance
Provides information about the quality of national managed care plans to enable consumers to evaluate health plan performance. Includes links to accreditation and certification programs, compliance audits, health plan report cards, and credentialing data.
U.S. Health Policy Gateway
Portal site for health policy information on the Web.
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