Some medical studies follow a cohort of many people for many years, gathering data on them and sometimes their relatives, so reducing the selection biases that creep into single-snapshot studies.

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Born In Bradford
Tracking the lives of more than 10,000 babies born in Bradford between 2006 and 2009.
Busselton Health Study
A series of health surveys since 1966 of the residents of the town of Busselton, a coastal community in the south-west of Western Australia.
Centre for Longitudinal Studies
Housing the 1958 National Child Development Study, the 1970 British Cohort Study and the Millennium Cohort Study.
Disaster Injury Research and Epidemiology
Has a brief overview of research into post-9/11 hospital usage.
Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Research Unit
Conducts the long-running cohort study of approximately 1,000 babies born in Dunedin in 1972-73.
Framingham Heart Study
Follows the health of the original 1948 cohort and two subsequent generations in Framingham, Massachusetts.
Growing Up in Australia
Following cohorts of Australian children born early in the twenty-first century.
Growing up in Scotland
Scottish study started in 2005, following five thousand babies born between May 2004 and February 2005 and three thousand born between May 2002 and February 2003.
Minnesota Twin Family Study
The Minnesota Twin Registry, started 1983, being a registry of all twins born in Minnesota from 1936 to 1955 and between 1961 and 1964. Also houses the Minnesota Twin Study of Adult Development, beginning 1986, and the Minnesota Twin Family Study, a prospective study of the development of psychological traits like personality and etiology of psychopathology.
National Survey of Health and Development
Following the sixteen and a half thousand births that occurred in England, Wales and Scotland during one week of March, 1946.
P³G Observatory
Public Population Project in Genomics, promoting collaboration between researchers in the field of population genomics.
Québec Longitudinal Study of Child Development
Tracks a cohort of 2,120 infants) born in Québec in 1997-1998, who were to be followed annually from about 5 months of age.
UK Biobank
Recruiting up to half a million participants aged between 45 and 69 years for a cohort study into role of nature and nurture in health and disease.
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