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Adamson, Tobin and Associates, LLC
Occupational Health Consultants providing businesses with on-site early intervention and ergonomics consultation. San Antonio, Texas.
Advanced Ergonomics, Inc.
Provides ergonomic services designed to reduce worker's compensation injuries, including repetitive and cumulative trauma disorders. Based in Texas.
Consultants in applying human dimensions to design with the use of anthropometric data. Yellow Springs, Ohio.
Auburn Engineers
Consulting firm develops ergonomics tools and techniques for industry.
Barbre Ergonomics Consulting and Training
Analysis, training, job and technique improvements, and equipment design services. Texas-based.
The Body at Work
California company providing information on seminars offered to computer users on ergonomic issues, such as repetitive strain injuries and computer vision syndrome.
CCD Design and Ergonomics, Ltd
Ergonomics and design consultancy, located in the United Kingdom, focusing on health and safety related projects, conducting risk assessments, audits, and training courses, and offering design solutions.
Computer based ergonomic training. Located in Boulder, Colorado.
Dr. John F. Culvenor, PhD, independent consultant in ergonomics and occupational safety. Victoria, Australia.
Dan MacLeod's Ergonomics Website
Ergonomics consulting, books, training materials, and general information.
Design Systems, Inc.
Engineering ergonomic solutions, utilizing human motion capture for highly accurate analysis. Farmington Hills, Michigan.
Ergonomics Center of North Carolina
Provides consulting, research, training and materials, and information regarding ergonomics and its impact on the workplace.
Ergonomics, Inc
An ergonomics consulting and training company. Consulting, training, analysis and custom tool design services to help clients reduce and prevent injury-related costs from occupational injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and RSI. Seattle, Washington.
Applying research-based assessment to rehabilitation and prevention of work related injuries. Includes company profile and testimonials. Birmingham, Alabama USA.
EWI Works
Provides information on ergonomic services including training/education, usability testing, design reviews, and industrial and office ergonomic assessments. Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Specializes in ergonomics training, consulting, engineering and ergonomics program management. Corporate office, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
MED-TOX Health Services
Provides ergonomic and job analysis services to employers to reduce on-the-job injuries. Ontario, California.
Offering ergonomic design, safety, and marketing services. Useful links for ergonomic training. Foster City, California.

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