For sites about techniques and services to relieve the symptoms of stress.

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Clarity Seminars
Stress management and meditation training for corporations and government agencies.
Offers an MP3 audio program to download. Free version available.
How to Relieve Anxiety
Help and advice on how to cope.
Inner Health Studio
Offers coping skills and relaxation resources, relaxation scripts, audio and video downloads, and information on coping with stress and anxiety.
Stress management on the road. Lee Ronald, founder of the Women's Travel Advisory Bureau (UK), shares her thoughts on the topic of women, solo travel and stress management.
Explains the condition and offers advice including relaxation techniques, coping tools and suggestions on how to simplify your life. Also provides a blog.
Modern Stress Management
Articles, tips, techniques and advice on de-stressing from The Guild of Energists.
NHS Choices: Stress Management
Introduction to this topic with articles and videos. Includes relaxation techniques, stress beating tips and personal stories.
Stress and Resilience
Articles with coping mechanisms and practical tips along with general information.
Stress Management Blog
Includes information and techniques for managing and reducing stress in the workplace, for students and at home.
The Stress Management Society
Provides information on this condition, what it is and how it affects people. Includes information for individuals and on stress in the workplace and how to deal with the problem.
Stress Relief Choices
Provides articles and offers information about techniques including breathing, meditation and exercising. Also provides related product reviews.
Stress Tips by Townsend International
For a practical approach to managing stress at work and everyday living. Join the mailing list to receive a free weekly tip.
Tips and links to books.
Compendium of free stress tests, techniques, therapies, ways of coping, news stories, and directory of practitioners in the UK.
Twilight Bridge - Coping with Stress
Articles and online discussion forum on counselling and stress.
Undoing Stress
Take an online stress test. Learn to recognize the signs of stress.
Unstress Yourself
Provides articles on anxiety, depression and healthy living. Gives advice on coping mechanisms and techniques and suggestions for activities.
VeryWell: Stress Management
Provides articles and research findings.
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