These groups, communities, or meeting places provide an opportunity for people with a common experience (such as a condition or disease, or a care-giving role) to share their concerns, and to seek and offer information and advice.

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Aspies for Freedom
Support group building an autistic culture and bringing aspies/autistics together to help oppose abusive therapies.
Autism Association for Overseas Families
Support groups for expatriate families with a child with an autistic spectrum disorder.
Autism Link
Online information on events, news, seminars, conferences, where to find help, support groups, and early intervention.
Autism USA
Community for parents, caregivers and educators of people with autism.
Online group and mailing list for people who have, or are related to someone who has, an autistic spectrum disorder and one or more other disabilities or health conditions.
Autistic Society
Support community for parents and families, news, photo-art gallery, information and interactive features.
BBB Autism
Positive support and information regarding autism, pdd, asperger's and all disorders under the spectrum. Siblings, spouses, ABA and other therapies, IEPs, Beginner's Guide to Autism, message board and online club.
Extreme Enthusiasts
Promoting the bug hobby and increasing autism awareness. Using creepy creatures in order to introduce and educate the public about this lifelong disorder. Educational and family oriented.
For Autistic Kids Foundation
Organization feature events and sponsor information to raise funds to broaden public awareness and understanding of autism and for the research of early detection.
Interactive Autism Network
Designed to link researchers and families together through an online support community.
Open Doors
A information/support group for parents and teachers of Asperger's and high functioning autistic children in Southern California's Inland Empire.
PDA Society
Support, advice and information to anyone involved with an individual diagnosed with PDA, a pervasive developmental disorder related to autism.
University Students With Autism And Asperger's Syndrome
Support and resources for students with autistic spectrum conditions in higher education. Advice on attending school and getting a job.
Wrong Planet
Online community and resource for those with Asperger's Syndrome.

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